Meeting Erika

Last Wednesday, September 7, my sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, my niece Erika Nicole! So this weekend we naturally went to Memphis to see her!

Doesn’t she have the most kissable cheeks??  And you’ll notice that she has just as much hair as Charlotte did when she was born, so clearly it runs in the family.  Erika slept the whole time we were there, and apparently she does that most of the time. I wouldn’t know what it’s like to have a newborn like that, since newborn Charlotte wasn’t fond of sleeping but preferred fussing, except when visitors were over.  Of course then she was a perfect angel. 🙂 Charlotte was quite interested in Erika, and when I sat her next to Erika, she decided she wanted to play with her feet.  It was too cute.  I am so excited that Charlotte will have a cousin who is just 6 months younger than her. It will be so fun to see them grow up together!

We also took Charlotte to get her 6 month pictures taken at JC Penney, since I got a great deal on Groupon.  Most of the time, Charlotte is very smiley and happy, so I was looking forward to capturing some of those great smiles on camera. But for whatever reason, the minute we got into that studio, she decided she was through smiling for the day.  It would have been comical to see a tape of my mom, Stephen, and I all trying to get her to smile because we looked like complete goofballs.  We managed to get a few smiles out of her and ended up with some cute pics, but we couldn’t get her to smile in any of the pictures with Stephen and me.  Oh well, such is life with an infant!  I couldn’t figure out how to post the album on my blog, but if you’re my friend on Facebook you can find the link there.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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