Calling All Moms…

Here’s the deal.  Charlotte learned how to roll from her back to her belly earlier this month, and there was much cheering and rejoicing.  However, it seems that when she learned this, she forgot how to roll from her belly to her back, which is something she learned in her third month. This amuses us a bit because now that Char has mastered the back-to-belly roll, she pretty much does it automatically whenever we lay her down anywhere. And then she gets upset because she can’t figure out how to get back on her back, so she’ll grunt and squirm and move her little legs, trying so hard to turn back over without success.  If this were only a daytime occurrence, all would be well.


At least once a night we awake to the sound of Charlotte crying (or sometimes shrieking) because she has rolled onto her belly in her sleep and is stuck that way.  So we go in, flip her over, and leave the room.  Sometimes this works and she’s back in dream world with no other problems, but on other nights, the rolling over process seems to wake her up, and she’s nice and alert and not interested in sleeping even though it’s 3 a.m. (an hour when no sane person wants to be awake). 

So I’m asking you, my wise and wonderful readers, what can we do about this? Has anyone else experienced this with their own children?  Is it normal that she’s temporarily forgotten the tummy-to-back roll?  Is there any way to prevent her from rolling over aside from strapping her down (which of course we briefly considered wouldn’t do)? 

Please, please, oh please help a mother out! 

5 thoughts on “Calling All Moms…

  1. It's totally normal for them to “forget” and re-learn it again on her own.
    We would hear Nyla (and still do) moving around a lot during the night. Depending on what milestone she was reaching is what she'd be doing. Daniel read up on it so we could get some answers and it turns out they're practicing all that stuff at night in their bed b/c they feel safest there.
    I know this may be hard, but you may need to leave her alone at night so she can learn to flip over herself again, plus get used to sleeping in different positions is important as well.


  2. My daughter does this too, but she actually likes sleeping on her tummy so usually if she wakes up we can reinsert her Nuk and all is good in the world again. We are working on some sleep “training” (I hate that term) so we might start to let her cry a bit in the night to see if she can put herself back to sleep w/o the Nuk…and I hope if she is really mad she will figure out how to roll over without our assistance. (I have no intention of letting her cry for hours on end, just for 5-10 minutes to see if she can soothe herself..)
    Good luck! I hope she relearns her rolling skills soon so you don't have to keep getting up in the middle of the night!


  3. Atticus went through this too. I didn't rescue him for a couple of nights, and he learned to go back to sleep on his own. It took about 5 minutes of crying, but he doesn't yell for me because of it anymore. He sleeps on his back, his belly, his side, and with his butt in the air. HTH


  4. I'm with JV726, I wouldn't let my little one cry for hours on end either. I know some books say to do that, but I wouldn't. I'd do 10-15 minutes as well.
    She'll figure it out, you just have to give her a chance to figure it out on her own. We also let Nyla sleep on her tummy at about 5 months. I know *gasp* but she was comfortable and she had great control of her head and could roll over on her own. It still made me nervous but b/c she was proficient in those things I did let her sleep on her belly. 🙂


  5. K is doing the exact same thing right now. It is exhausting! I will say that when we just put the paci in her mouth without rolling her back over, she usually falls back to sleep on her stomach and does pretty well. I'm ready for her to re-learn how to roll back over though!


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