Mid-August Goals Checkup

Now that the month of August is half over, let’s see how I’m doing on my goals, shall we?

1.  No Facebook until I lose 5 pounds.  GOAL MET.  I weighed 187.8 yesterday, which is exactly 5 pounds down from my August starting weight, so you can bet that I logged right back on to Facebook! Maybe I should write a book called The Facebook Diet.  The method works!

2.  No bread for 2 weeks.  GOAL MET.  This was hard, but not as hard as I initially thought, and I wonder if abstaining from bread provided a boost to my weight loss as well.  Even though the two weeks are up, I’m still going to limit my bread intake.  I didn’t even buy any bread at the store over the weekend, except for some biscuits and crescent rolls that I am using for a recipe.  I am going to try and have bread just once or twice a week for a while.

3.  No fast food for 2 weeks.  GOAL MET.  This also wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, although french fries did call my name several times.  I enjoy having at meals at home, and it was nice not spending that extra money on eating out, although we definitely spent more at the grocery store.

4.  Exercise 4 times a week.  EPIC FAIL.  Epic fail, my friends.  I am ashamed to admit that yesterday was the first time I exercised all month, and that was only a 20 minute walk with Charlotte in her stroller.  BUT, I’m pleased to report that I woke up at 5:40 this morning and took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather and went for a run.  I ran for 25 minutes and then cooled down for 5. I was super pleased with this run because I haven’t run in about a month.  Pitiful!

5. Spend time in Bible study and prayer every day.  EPIC FAIL. I have really struggled with this, and I know it’s because my priorities aren’t properly aligned. I spend too much time on the Internet, specifically Google Reader, so I am limiting my time on there to my lunch break and trying to spend more time with the Lord. 

So I did a great job of meeting my short-term goals for the month and need to work on stepping it up with my two remaining goals.  If I do this, I can make August a really successful month.

How are you all doing on your goals?  Brag on yourselves in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Mid-August Goals Checkup

  1. I too struggle with making time for Bible study and spending time with the Lord. You did a great job on your other goals so I will pray for you on that one and you pay for me too 🙂 Good job on the facebook diet.. I don't know if I could do it since I only facebook at work.. Not much work to do here sometimes…


  2. Way to go, 5 pounds is awesome! I wish I could say I lost 5 pounds. I still don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm been an exercise machine and doing really good counting calories and only down 1 pound in 4 weeks!


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