What If?

Jen posted this quote she found on Pinterest on her blog, and it made me stop and immediately repin it.  (Are you on Pinterest?  Find me! )

Reading these words led me to play a little game of “What if?”

What if I hadn’t weighed myself in January 2008?
What if I hadn’t decided I was going to lose weight?
What if I had decided I was going to lose weight but then made no plan to actually do it?
What if I kept on eating and eating myself into oblivion?
What if I never became a runner?
What if I never knew what it felt like to finally reach ONEderland?
What if I never felt the thrill of losing 90 pounds?
What if I had never begun at all? 

Those are some pretty weighty questions (excuse the terrible pun)!  I think if I had not gotten a wakeup call in January 2008, it is very possible that I would weigh over 300 pounds right now.  Think about it: I weighed 261 pounds on January 21, 2008, and that was UP at least 30 pounds from when I get married not even the year before!  Who knows how much I would weigh right now if I kept gaining at that rate.  It’s a scary thought, and I am so thankful that I listened to that prompting in my heart (which I know was from the Lord) and did something about my weight problem.

I have found it very helpful to play this game of what if lately.  With the exception of the past two weeks, my weight loss after Charlotte’s birth was virtually non-existent, and I have been very open about the desire to quit that I have felt more than once.  What keeps me from quitting–what keeps me trying day after day, even when I’ve messed up–is looking at how far I’ve come.  I can’t quit when I’ve already invested so many days of sweat and tears. I can’t quit when I’ve already overcome so much. 

This I know for sure: I don’t want to look back a year from now and wish I had done something about my weight.  I am doing something.  Are you?

2 thoughts on “What If?

  1. I'm trying so hard to not quit. I'm doing everything right and still not losing. Since Monday I have -4500 Net calories and I gained .6 pounds. How is that possible? I'm glad I read this post, I'm inspired to not quit.


  2. I really like the inspiration of thinking, where could I be a year from now? Knowing that you've come so far and made these big, positive changes just proves that the sky is the limit for where you might be a year from now!


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