Charlotte at 5 Months

I’m a little late in posting this, but it’s because that on the day Charlotte actually turned 5 months (August 4), she was sick with an ear infection (and is still recovering from it).  I stayed home with her that day, and I’m so glad I did because she was really fussy and just not feeling herself at all, and I hated to subject her to a bunch of posed pictures.  So instead, I took candid ones during the one hour time frame where she wasn’t feeling miserable. 🙂   Here are a few:

And here are pictures we took on Saturday, when she was feeling a little more spirited (she’s smiling at Stephen in all of them):

You’ll notice the girl has no shortage of drool.  She is practically a little water fountain!

Isn’t she so cute?!  At 5 months, Charlotte:

1.  LOVES playing in her Jumperoo.  Her little legs go ninety miles a minute, and she smiles and smiles.  It’s so fun to watch her.
2.  Can roll over from her back to tummy.  This happened within the last week, and now that she’s figured it out, she has been doing it pretty much every time we put her on the floor!  She already knew how to roll from tummy to back, but for whatever reason she doesn’t seem to want to do this much anymore, so she will start fussing after a while of being on her tummy.  Of course, the  minute we turn her back onto her back, she rolls over again. 🙂
3.  Sometimes sleeps through the night, but lately she’s either been stuffy-nosed or had an ear infection, so her night wakings have been painfully frequent.  We are ready for her to feel better so we can all get more sleep!
4.  Has a new favorite toy: her feet!  She recently learned how to insert her foot into her mouth, and so she spends a lot of time trying to do that or just playing with her feet and toes. 
5.   Jabbers a lot more.  She makes little “Ahhh” noises quite often, and grins at us when we talk back to her.  I look forward to hearing her say “Dada” and “Mama” soon.
6.  Laughs a lot, especially at her daddy.  He is so good at making her laugh. 
7.  Loves to watch our dog, Bailey, roam about the house.  She is absolutely fascinated by her and will break into a grin when she sees her and often reaches out to try and pet her.  Bailey doesn’t seem to share the love and would prefer to have nothing to do with her, which is better than open hostility, I guess.

She has grown so much since the last month, and I can’t believe how much she changes right before our eyes.  We love her more than we can say and treasure all of our time with her, although we could do without seeing at 2, 3, and 4 a.m.  🙂

Happy 5 months, baby girl!  You are the gift that we get to experience anew every day!

5 thoughts on “Charlotte at 5 Months

  1. Hi Erin! I found your blog through a comment you left at Annie Blogs (it was about Gilmore Girls, which is one of my top favorite shows as well!) Great pictures, and I have always loved the name Charlotte 🙂


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