Nom Nom Nom

This weekend Charlotte tried something new: rice cereal!  Well, sort of.  She’s actually been getting rice cereal in her bottles since she was 5 1/2 weeks old because of her reflux issues, but at Charlotte’s 4 month checkup, our pediatrician suggested we start giving her a little cereal at night to help her get ready for solids at 6 months and to hopefully help her feel more full at night.  We actually tried the cereal that very same night of her appointment, but Charlotte was not having any of it.  It just kind of sat on her tongue, so we didn’t really push it too much.  We thought we’d try it again this past Saturday night, and she did MUCH better!  She started off rather slowly because we had to wake her up to eat her last meal before bedtime, but as she woke up, she got better at it, and I think she liked it! Here’s a little video we took of her first bites:

And some pictures to go along with it:

Charlotte gives rice cereal her smile of approval.   I just can’t get enough of that sweet face!

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