Mid-July Goals Checkup

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post.  If you didn’t read them, go now!  I have such wise, beautiful readers! 

The month of July is over halfway finished, so I thought I would revisit my goals.  I haven’t done a weekly report at all (shame shame), so here’s my lame attempt at playing catch up.

1.  Get into the 180s.  As of Saturday, I weighed 191.2, but my weight has been fluctuating like crazy every day, so who knows what it will say on my “official” weigh-in on Wednesday.  It has been so long since I’ve seen the 180s, except for when I was gaining weight while pregnant.  The last time I was in the 180s while LOSING weight was in the beginning of January 2010.  So yeah, the 180s and I are long overdue for a reunion!

2.  Complete one month of weekly strength training using this book, You Are Your Own Gym, as my guide.  Umm, yeah, this goal?  So not gonna happen.  I tried two days of this workout and decided it isn’t for me.  Even the beginner’s exercises were pretty intense, and I pretty much hated it the whole time.  Strength training has never been my favorite thing, but I knew I would be even less likely to do it if I hated it, so I stopped.  My new goal: 30 Day Shred 3 times a week.  I’ve done it twice so far, and it’s hard but rewarding. 

3.  Wake up at 6:00 a.m. for Bible reading and prayer.  I am doing terribly with this.  It’s been hard the past week or so because Charlotte hasn’t been sleeping well due to being sick, and so even on some days when I was awake at 6:00, I was holding her.  I really don’t know how to make this happen consistently until she’s on a more reliable sleeping schedule which will probably be when she’s five years old. I would love suggestions/tips for working on this goal!

4.  Track all of my food and stay in range 5/7 days a week.  I have gotten into a terrible practice of tracking my breakfast and lunch and then forgetting to track dinner, so I honestly have no idea how I’ve done staying in range.  I think most days I’ve done fairly well, but I know this weekend wasn’t so great. 

5.  No eating after 8 p.m. I believe there were only 3 nights where I did not do this, so at least one goal is going fairly well! 

I don’t have a whole lot of time to turn this month around, but I am going to do what I can with what I’ve got! 

One thought on “Mid-July Goals Checkup

  1. I do have a suggestion with the Bible study: just do it at night. I know that it might seem like you aren't “giving God your best” if you read the Bible at night when you're tired instead of alert, but God's just as much God when you're tired and ready for sleep. Seeking him in that state is a valid kind of devotion just like holding your daughter is an important kind of worship.


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