An Unfortunate First

Well, we have another first to add to Charlotte’s memory book, but it’s one I prefer we didn’t have to add.  She has gotten her first ear infection, and not only that, but it’s a double ear infection. 😦  When the doctor at convenient care told us last night, I cried because I felt so bad and like I should have known sooner that something was wrong.  She had not been sleeping well the past few nights but seemed fine during the day, just smiling and mostly happy.  Her teachers at daycare mentioned that she had been fighting her bottles some last week, but she wasn’t doing that at home with us, so we didn’t know what was going on.  It wasn’t until last night when she started spitting out the formula in her mouth that I knew something was definitely up, so we took her in.  I feel awful for her, but I am glad we took her in and have some antibiotics for her.  This was definitely a lesson learned for me.  Hopefully the antibiotics will start working quickly and our sweet Charlotte will be back to sleeping better and feeling better, and her tired parents can get some rest, too! 

To cheer up this sad little post, here’s a picture my parents took of her when they kept her overnight last Friday while Stephen and I had a date night:

Man, I just love that face! 

5 thoughts on “An Unfortunate First

  1. Awww, sweetie, this happens to the best of us! You're not a baby mind reader, and the clues are not always obvious. You live and learn. Austin has had more ear infections than I can count, but fortunately getting him on a zyrtec/nasonex regimen has completely gotten rid of them for like a year! It's totally ok to wait some small symptoms out for a reasonable period of time, and it's totally ok to go to the doc over nothing if your gut just won't let it go. Every mother has done both at some time or another. Just trust that mother's intuition! 🙂


  2. Oh friend…ear infections are hard to pinpoint…it can have the symptoms of teething. You are an awesome mom and it breaks my heart to think of you crying in the 😦

    Oh–and that picture. HOLY CUTENESS!!!


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