June Goals Report: Week 3

1. Lose 6 pounds. Weight as of June 15: 192.6. Weight as of June 22: 194.4  Blah.  I gained 1.8 pounds.  Obviously, I want the scale to be moving in the OTHER direction, but as you’ll see from the rest of this week’s report, I didn’t earn it. 

2. Cardio for at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Success!  This seems to be the one thing I am able to do each week.  On Monday I completed Week 6 of Couch to 5k with a 25-minute run.  I thought I might die while doing it, but I felt great after I was finished.  That seems to be my general experience with running: I hate it while I’m doing it and love it when I’m done.

3. Strength training twice a week. 1/2 times. I just can’t get into strength training mode, but that’s just an excuse.

4. Read a Proverb each day. 4/7 days.  And I wonder why this past week was such a mess.  Here’s my answer.  I didn’t focus enough on the Lord and tried to do things on my own strength, which I’ve learned long ago is pathetic.  I NEED Him if I’m going to lose this weight.  I need to stop thinking about my overeating as a bad habit and start acknowledging it as sin, plain and simple.

5. Eat within my calorie range 5 out of 7 days. FAIL.  I stayed in range 4/7 days once again. This weekend was pretty terrible, as Stephen and I got free tickets to see the local AA baseball team, and those free tickets also came with free food–lots of it.  Then on Father’s Day there was fried chicken and cake.

There are only 8 days left in this month, which doesn’t give me much time to meet my weight loss goal, but I am not giving up!  Even if I only lose 2 pounds this month, 2 pounds is better than zero.  I need to finish strong! 

How are your goals for the month coming along? 

2 thoughts on “June Goals Report: Week 3

  1. You are about to inspire me to set some real goals. Right now they look like…quit eating so much and exercise some. Really attainable goals right. I would love to hear how Charlotte is doing!


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