It’s Go Time

 I’m ready to get serious about shedding this baby weight, so with that seriousness comes a plan and goals (of course!).  But first, some incredibly humiliating pictures that will serve as my “before” pictures.  I hate to post these, but I am really glad I took them because they were a nice bit of reality for me.  I intentionally chose clothing that is too snug so I will be able to really see the difference when I take progress pictures. 

These were taken today:

I cringed when I saw these, but I need to face the reality and realize what I am up against so I can conquer this weight problem for good! 

Starting weight (as of June 1, 2011): 196.4 pounds
Goal weight: 156 pounds

40 pounds is a good amount of weight to lose, and I thought a lot about what target date I want to have.  I finally settled on January 21, 2012 because that will mark the 4th anniversary of the day I decided to get my act together and lose weight (you can read about that here).  That date is a about 7.5 months away, so my weight loss will need to be steady, but I think it’s doable if I stick with my plan and reach my goals. 

So what is my plan?  It’s simple: count calories and exercise 3 times a week.  Right now I’m struggling to even get in 3 exercise sessions, so I don’t think I can expect any more than 3 right now, but I’m hoping that I will be able to increase my workouts to 4-5 times a week once I get into the groove of things.  I’m going to be using SparkPeople to track my food intake, and when I input my numbers and my target date for losing the weight along with the amount of calories I expect to burn each week through exercise, the site gave me the calorie range of 1290-1640.  I have not eaten in a range that low for a LONG time, so it’s definitely going to be a challenge, but we all know this isn’t easy, right?!  And if my 261-pound self could eat 1500 calories or less a day, then my 196-pound self has NO reason not to do likewise! 

My goals for the month of June are short and sweet:

1.  Lose 6 pounds.  If I lose 6 pounds each month, I’ll meet my ultimate goal and then some.

2.  Cardio for at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week.  I am on week 4 of Couch to 5k, and even though it’s kind of kicking my tail at the moment, I’m going to persevere and finish the program so I can at least be running a 5k distance somewhat regularly by the time fall rolls around. 

3.  Strength training twice a week.  I am going to keep this really simple, as in crunches and arm exercises using dumbbells and resistance bands, and my sessions probably won’t last longer than 15 minutes, but I know that a little is better than nothing, and I definitely need to incorporate some strength training into my routine if I’m going to get rid of all the excess fat I have.

4.  Read a Proverb each day.  I have struggled to spend consistent time with the Lord ever since Charlotte was born, so I am setting the tiny goal of reading through the book of Proverbs.  That will get me back into the habit of spending daily time in the Word and in prayer, and it will do wonders for my relationship with Jesus. 

5.  Eat within my calorie range 5 out of 7 days.  I will aim for 6/7 days next month and then 7/7 in August, but I am going to give myself a little wiggle room in the beginning as I adjust my eating and figure out how to maximize nutrition while minimizing calories.
That’s it!  All of these goals are doable, although #1 and #5 have me the most nervous.  Since this month started on a Wednesday, my weeks will go from Wednesday-Wednesday, so my next weigh-in and goals update will be on June 8. 

I am really excited about improving my health and strengthening my faith and can’t wait to see what this month has in store! 

What goals and plans do you hope to make reality this June?

5 thoughts on “It’s Go Time

  1. I started grad school last week and didnt exercise at all since I'm adjusting to this new schedule but I need to fit in the exercise wheever I can. I also need to grocery shop every weekend so that the fridge is always stocked with healthy items. I would love to get focused and loose 6lbs in the month of June with you.


  2. Ah Erin, don't cringe at your pictures – you are a beautiful new Momma – that body held a precious cargo for 9 months – it is allowed to feel a bit stressed out 🙂 I think you look great!

    Your goals sound good and I know running used to be something you enjoyed as long as you didn't stress out about doing a 5k under any other terms other than your own. Glad to see you are getting back out there and doing the C25K.

    You will do this – I know you will!!


  3. You are an inspiration! I wish I could be as organized and goal-driven as you are. You have done this before so you can do it again. Now you just have one more good reason to do it-your baby girl:). Have you thought about incorporating her into your workout routine? Perhaps get a jogging stroller and do the 5K workout while pushing her. That way you could get in your workout and spend time with her.


  4. You can do it, Erin!!!! You were so driven and determined when you first started. I have no doubt you can do it again.
    Looking forward to following your journey. 🙂 So glad Made to Crave has been helpful for you. I've been through it twice and am ready to reread it as this is always a work in progress for me.


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