My First Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day was fantastic!  First, Stephen gave me a necklace with Charlotte’s birthstone, aquamarine.  Such a thoughtful gift!  Then, this morning at church was Charlotte’s baby dedication.  Several families dedicated their children to the Lord this morning, and it was so special.  Charlotte was completely zonked out for the entire service, but she still looked adorable! 

My parents, brother and sister-in-law and nephew, and all my grandparents came to the service today, which meant so much to me.  After church, we all went to our house and had BBQ nachos.  My fabulous mom was sweet enough to bring all the food PLUS paper plates and cups and napkins and forks, so Stephen and I wouldn’t have to do anything.  I just love my mom.  We took the opportunity of being together to take some pictures:
Four generations together!

Both of my grandmothers with Charlotte

My mom surprised me with a cake with Charlotte’s picture on it!  Isn’t it neat?  It was slightly weird to be eating my daughter, though. 🙂

Isn’t my mom beautiful?

It’s hard to believe that last year I wasn’t a mom.  I am so grateful for the great blessing, privilege, and challenge of being a mother.  My heart goes out to those for whom Mother’s Day is a less than joyful day.  I pray God’s grace would be known to the hurting and the jubilant both. 

One thought on “My First Mother’s Day

  1. Sounds like your mom made your first Mother's Day extra special! Sometime to pass along to Charlotte some day! I mean, way, way in the future, of course.


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