Motivation: MIA

I have to be honest.  I am really struggling with feeling motivated about weight loss. What is sad about this is that I should be very motivated for a number of reasons.  Let’s list them, shall we?

1.  I have not lost any weight for the past 3 weeks.  In fact, on some days my weight has actually been up a pound or two.
2.  I have very few clothes that fit me properly.  Very few of my pre-pregnancy tops and pants fit me, and my maternity clothes are really too big, but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing my maternity jeans just about every day, even though I have to pull them up approximately 82 times. 
3.  I went shopping over the weekend to find something for Easter and couldn’t find anything.  Then I got depressed when I tried on several items from the misses section and only one shirt fit.  I couldn’t even wear XL in most of the tops.
4.  I ended up buying a top in a section I thought I was through visiting–the plus size section.  (Although I will say that most things I tried on were too big for me.) 

Shouldn’t that be enough to motivate me?  #4 especially was upsetting to me yesterday, and yet here I find myself today wondering why I can’t get my act together.  I admit that I have struggled to find any sort of routine at home, which makes it hard to figure out when I can exercise or even when I can find time to eat lunch, much less eat a healthy lunch.  And the meals I plan for dinner have leaned more toward convenience than health as well, so I’m certainly not helping myself in that department.  

Ultimately, however, it doesn’t matter that I’m not motivated.  In the past when I’ve been unmotivated to work out or make healthy choices, I’ve just told myself to fake it until I make it, to not care how I feel but to just do it.  And it worked.  Pushing past times when I’ve lacked motivation is what helped me lose 90 pounds before, so clearly I can do it. 

So why is it so hard right now?

I don’t have an answer for myself, no inspiring words to offer.  But I do know this: I CAN lose weight.  I want and need to lose weight.  The only way I will fail is if I don’t even try. 

9 thoughts on “Motivation: MIA

  1. Erin, my friend in Virginia joined something called Stroller Strides…they workout while pushing their child in strollers! She said one day they had to lunge all the way up this big hill while pushing the kids (she has two), and then the next time they had to box up the hill, and then a few other things. Apparently, she couldn't walk the next day…maybe there is something in Jackson like that…or maybe you could start it! 🙂


  2. It's so hard with the baby. I lost 30 pounds before getting pregnant(peanuts compared to your 90) and know I an also lacking the motivation. I lost all my baby weight and have since gained 5 pounds. It's all that darn Easter Candy!


  3. Hang in there, Erin! I mean, you guys did just add a new member to your family who is completely dependent on you right now! I'm sure that makes getting into a routine very difficult. And I think this post is evidence that you ARE motivated…you are just having a tough time getting started right now.
    And by the way, you look great to everyone else though you may not feel like it right now. 🙂


  4. Erin,
    I SO get where you are…the baby weight (still got stretch marks with the adoptions…what's up with that?) to loose from Kate & Layla 😉

    It is really hard to get into a routine…but I will say this–for me I have begun using nap time and videos (switch them up or I get bored). I am loosing weight and it's something I can do while they are sleeping and I am at home.

    You are such a gorgeous woman and are doing such a great job as a momma…wish I lived closer and we could walk together! 😉


  5. Oh girl I am totally picking up what your throwing down. Everyday is hard, but it gets easier down the road. Especially with the weather warming up, getting out of the house and putting Troy in the stroller for a few miles just walking helped. You can and WILL do this. I am still tired and STILL trying to find motivation some days, but it happens 🙂 HUGS!


  6. I have no excuse like a new baby but I still struggle with major motivation issues! I finally recommited with some simple, basic goals. Maybe if you made a specific goal it could help?


  7. I've heard of work-out video you can do with your baby. Also, I have a friend who straps her kid to her chest and walks on the treadmill. Extra weight for her, kid is with her etc.
    You probably lack motivation because you are a new mom and that's exhausting! Give yourself time! Your not even 2 months out. As more of your energy returns, so will your motivation. Just practice the small things you know to do now (smaller portions, move a bit each day) and rest as much as possible. ~ L


  8. Don't beat yourself up, Erin, trying to get motivated and get into a routine and eat healthy with a newborn is TOUGH. Near impossible.

    All I would encourage is to get out and push Charlotte around the neighborhood or a park or even just the mall. We let ourselves get locked down at home, and only months later did we see the value in getting out and about and walking the baby. It's good for everyone.


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