Things I’ve Learned About Charlotte:

1.  She’s NOT a fan of having her diaper changed or getting her clothes changed.  She starts screaming, and then the minute the diaper is in place or the last button is buttoned, she stops.

2.  She has a myriad of amusing facial expressions, one of which is reminiscent of the “Blue Steel” look from Zoolander.  We hope to capture this on video at some point.

3.  She has a very strong sucking reflex but has trouble opening her mouth up wide, which causes problems in the breastfeeding area.

4.  She does NOT like having the hiccups.  They shake her whole tiny body and make her rather upset.

5.  She likes being in her bouncy seat and riding in the stroller, but she’s only sometimes a fan of sleeping in her crib or cradle.

6.  She loves to be held and cuddled.

7.  When she is hungry, she must eat RIGHT. THEN.

Things I’ve Learned About Motherhood:

1.  It’s hard.  Really, really hard.

2.  Breastfeeding is really, really hard.  No one ever talks about this, and even though I knew it would probably be a challenge, I had no idea how much of a challenge it would actually be.  I have cried during feedings, prayed during feedings, been relieved when feedings are over.  It has tested me like nothing else has.  I still don’t know if I will be able to continue doing it, but I am trying to be patient and persevere in the hopes that it will get better, as many have told me it will.

3.  Being a mom has strengthened my prayer life tremendously.  Never have I felt so completely my need for a Savior as I do now, and I pray for wisdom and strength and courage and patience many, many times a day.

4.  Though motherhood is really, really hard, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  How can I, when I have this sweet little face to look at? 

6 thoughts on “Learning

  1. breastfeeding is one of the things that i am most nervous about–i've heard from so many how difficult and painful it was and how they were unable to continue doing it. i think its so wonderful that you are going with the option thats best for your baby even if its not the easiest!


  2. Erin,
    You are an awesome mom! Don't ever doubt that. From experience, I breastfed all three of mine and all three experiences were different and none were easy the first 4-6 weeks. Its so hard at first because they eat so often and they take forever. You probably feel consumed if by nothing else by that fact alone. Keep at it, it is the natural thing to do and before long you will get the hang of it. If you need any support or encouragement please call me don't give up (571-7147).

    Love Charlotte, she is beautiful!

    Jaclyn Scott


  3. Your doing so good mama! I will have to say, I have/had the same problem with Troy. He has suck a strong suck, but it was sooo hard to get him to open his mouth wide enough when he latched. That's how it caused such an issue and I would be in so much pain and I would dread feeding him. So I switched to pumping. It's worth it because I know he's getting my breast milk even though it can be a pain, it is what is working for us. Do what works best for you and baby C and don't let anyone let you feel bad if you decide something other than nursing. Hang in there! xoxoxo


  4. Erin, bf'ing can be really hard in the beginning. I had my mom and my SIL around which made it easier for me, because they could give me advice on getting a good latch–and it's ALL about the latch. But a friend of mine started having trouble and got a La Leche League person to come to her home and help her, and she said it made all the difference. And Jac is right–those first few weeks, it seems like you are a feeding machine and nothing else. It's really hard. Audrey would eat for 45 minutes at a time. If you ever need to vent, or cry, or ask someone who has been there, fairly recently, you can always call me. 865.684.8991
    Try to hand in there, it does get easier.


  5. Gosh she is so darn cute… I can't wait to get to the 3 month picture!
    I am wondering if you stuck with breast feeding.. I went through the same things.. Her mouth not opening far enough.. and it was SO painful! But we eventually got it down and now are pros!


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