40 Weeks!

How far along: 40 weeks. It’s possible I could go to 42 weeks, but I hope Charlotte comes before then!

Total weight gain:  I had gained three MORE pounds when I went in last Wednesday, so that makes 42.  Yikes.  But as my mom said to me, “At this point, who cares?” 

Size and growth of the baby: According to babycenter.com, Charlotte is roughly the size of a pumpkin! 

What’s happening to mama this week:  This also from babycenter.com:  “After months of anticipation, your due date rolls around, and… you’re still pregnant. It’s a frustrating, but common, situation in which to find yourself. You may not be as late as you think, especially if you’re relying solely on a due date calculated from the day of your last period because sometimes women ovulate later than expected. Even with reliable dating, some women have prolonged pregnancies for no apparent reason.”

Maternity clothes: Yes, and I am SO ready to be out of them, although I know I will probably be wearing them for awhile after Charlotte comes.

Sleep: The past week has been pretty rough on the sleep front.  I guess it’s just preparation for those middle-of-the-night feedings, right?

Best moment(s) of the week:  Getting the fuel pump on Stephen’s car replaced.  Oh wait, that was the not-so-great part of the week.  I had a really lazy Sunday, which was a nice change from the jam-packed weekends we’ve had. 

Movement: She is still really active, especially in the afternoons.

Food cravings/aversions:  I fully expect Charlotte to exit my womb asking for cake or chocolate, since my sweet tooth has been so heightened my entire pregnancy!  And I am still loving my clementines!  I can go through an entire bag before a week is up!

Symptoms: Insomnia, heartburn, hip pain, congestion, etc. etc.

Labor signs: Cramping, lower back pain, dilated 1 cm

Belly button in or out:  Still in!

What I miss:  Have I mentioned that I miss sleeping on my stomach?  I really, really miss that.

What I’m looking forward to: Charlotte coming! 

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