So Close, Yet So Far Away

Well friends, I am still pregnant. I’m trying to be okay with that fact. 🙂  Tomorrow is my estimated due date, but I am sure the odds of her coming on that day are slim.  (I wonder how many babies have been born on their due date.)

If you’re curious, of the 16 survey responses we got, 5 of them guessed a due date that has now passed.  3 people picked today, February 28, so I suppose there is still time for those people to be correct. Feb. 28 and March 3 are tied for being the most popular due dates guessed, and the latest date people picked for Charlotte’s arrival is March 8.  I sure hope she comes before March 8, although if everything else looks okay, she could come as late as March 15, which is the longest I would be allowed to go before being induced.  I am praying, praying, praying that I don’t have to be induced!  It also would be great if she came before March 15 as well because a lot of my mom’s family is going to be in Memphis the week before that, and I know they all want to meet Charlotte. 

Although I am getting impatient and somewhat anxious, I really can’t complain because I have had a relatively easy and uncomplicated pregnancy.  What has been hardest is not knowing when she will come.  Every day I wake up thinking, “Maybe today,” and at night when I go to bed, I think, “Will she come in the middle of the night?”  (Stephen has gotten in the habit of asking me when we wake up in the morning, “So your baby didn’t come last night?”  He’s such the comedian.)  Stephen and I are both so excited to meet this little one we’ve been dreaming about and planning for, and so the waiting is just about to drive me nuts! 

The fact that Charlotte could come any day now has also made me more than just Stephen and me anxious; every time I call my mom I feel the need to preface our conversations by saying, “Nothing is happening yet” because she answers the phone so expectantly.  Sorry, Mom! 🙂 

Several of my co-workers are also very concerned .  Every day I come in to work they ask, “So, any contractions?  Anything at all?”  I almost feel like I’m letting them down when I tell them no!  On Friday when I was in back-to-back meetings with clients for about two hours, my office mate informed me that while I was away from my desk, people would walk by and ask, “Oh, did she go into labor?  Did she have to go to the hospital?”  I’m sure they’re all wondering if my water is going to break right there in the office (please, Lord, don’t let that happen!). 

Could this be my last post before Charlotte comes? If it’s not, I’ll be back tomorrow with the 40 week baby update survey.  Here’s hoping I won’t have to do one for week 41!

5 thoughts on “So Close, Yet So Far Away

  1. I had a friend in a similar place – she posted a sign on her door that said “STILL PREGNANT” and pointed to it when people asked. Of course, ALL her babies came at the last possible moment. I hope you get to meet your little one ASAP!


  2. I remember going to work on my due date. I worked as a personal banker at the time, and every customer I had kept asking me when I was due, to which I begrudgingly told them, “Today.” It was irritating, but he came 2 days later. I think she'll come on 3/3. My theory is in part because I like numbers, and her namesake and I have a 9/9 birthday (and my son has a 6/6 birthday)…so I think it's only appropriate she be born on Thursday. I know you want her to come now though, so here's hoping. Praying your labor goes smoothly, and we can't wait to meet our new cousin!!


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