2 Weeks Left!

Lest any of you think my lack of blogging means I have gone into labor or something, I thought I should update. 🙂  I have exactly 2 weeks until the due date, which is hard to believe.  Sometimes it seems as though I was just announcing my pregnancy on the blog, and then other times I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever!  Here’s the most recent baby update.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if this were the last one because Charlotte decided to come this week??

Baby’s size?  According to BabyCenter.com, she could be about 6.8 pounds and is as long as a leek.  (I wonder whose job it was to come up with all the food comparisons for each week of pregnancy.)

Weight Gain?  When I went for my appointment last Wednesday, I had not gained ANY weight since the last week, so I am still at 39 pounds.  Hopefully I won’t have gained much this week, but between a baby shower and Valentine’s Day, I think I probably have. 

Stretch marks? Yep, although they aren’t as bad as I would have thought they’d be at this point.

Belly button in or out?  A very, very shallow innie. I can make it poke out if I thrust out my belly just so, which is immensely entertaining to me.  I am easily amused, obviously.
Maternity Clothes?  Yes, and this week it has been so warm that I am struggling to find things to wear because all my maternity clothing is for cold weather! 

Sleep?  On Sunday night I didn’t even wake up to go to the bathroom, and I can’t remember the last time that had happened.  It was absolutely amazing!

Foods I am loving?  Sweets, and of course my beloved clementines.

Foods I am hating?  Nothing new.

Best moment this week?  Stephen and I had our Valentine’s Day date on Friday night at Outback, and it was so good to go out to eat and spend time together.  Then we were in Memphis on Saturday night to celebrate my mom’s birthday a little early (she’s a Valentine’s baby).  On Sunday, my mom and some of her friends at the church where I grew up threw me a baby shower on Sunday, and it was so cute!  Here’s a picture of me with my mom: 

Movement?  She is having a ball in there, it seems!

Symptoms?  The usual suspects. 

What I miss?  I really miss deli meat and can’t wait to eat turkey sandwiches!

What I will miss?  All the tiny baby clothes I’m sure Charlotte will quickly grow out of.

What I’m looking forward to?  Getting through labor and seeing Charlotte for the first time.

Emotions:  Ready, excited, slightly impatient.

Rest assured, dear readers, if Charlotte decides to make an early appearance, I will post an update as soon as possible. 🙂  And if we’re friends on Facebook or you follow me on Twitter, you’ll hear about it even sooner, more than likely!

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