34 Weeks

Do I really only have 6 weeks of pregnancy left?!  Whoa.  I’m getting to that point where I am freaking out about the fact that around that time I will have another human life to take care of, and I am also getting anxious about how much we have left to do.  However, this weekend I am planning on tackling a lot of that stuff, so hopefully then I will feel more confident about things.  What’s important is that Charlotte has a place to sleep and clothes to wear! (And one whole package of diapers, haha). 

I am very excited about Wednesday because I am getting another ultrasound!  The clinic where I go doesn’t order one after 20 weeks unless there’s a medical need, but I ended up requesting one just for my own peace of mind and so we can get confirmation on the baby’s sex.  Also, I have had some dizzy spells recently and came close to fainting at work while sitting at my desk not too long ago, and I will just feel better if I can look at her again and know that everything is okay.

Baby’s size?  She’s between 4.5-5.5 pounds and around 18 inches long.  Crazy! 

Weight Gain?  I will update after my next doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.

Stretch marks? A few new ones have appeared, but since I already had plenty from my heavier days, I’m not too upset about them. 

Belly button in or out?  Still in, although it’s definitely shallower.  I am thinking it may just stay an innie.

Sleep?  Oh sleep, how I miss thee!

Foods I am loving?  Clementines!  I only have one left right now and am hoping I can find more today because I couldn’t over the weekend.

Foods I am hating?  Any kind of seafood sounds repulsive to me right now. 

Best moment this week?  Going through the attic and closets in our house and purging and organizing.  I think Stephen and I are both in nesting mode. 🙂  Stephen also gave me an awesome back massage this weekend.  My husband rocks!

Movement?  Yes, I feel her little kicks and jabs and flutters, though not as much since she’s running out of play space.

Symptoms?  Not much new, except my legs have been rather restless at night.  

What I miss?  Wearing “regular” clothes and running.

What I will miss?  Dreaming about what she will look like/be like.

What I’m looking forward to?  We have our first childbirth class tonight, so that should be interesting.  And of course, the doctor’s appointment and ultrasound on Wednesday!  I can’t wait to see Charlotte again since the last time was at 19 weeks.  I also hope she’s still a Charlotte and not a Charlie, haha.

Emotions:  I have felt less weepy in the past week, but the emotions are still all over the place!

I will be sure and update after my appointment on Wednesday and share pictures, too!

3 thoughts on “34 Weeks

  1. I can't believe your already 34 weeks! These next few weeks are going to FLY by! I had Macie at 36 weeks and Caleb at 38. So, just think, once you hit 37 weeks it could be any day! Eeeehhh! So exciting!


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