First Snow Day of 2011

For most of the week, forecasters had been predicting snow for our area, and it finally came on Sunday night!  We ended up getting around 3-4 inches, which isn’t much, but it’s enough to send people around here into a frenzy and close schools and many businesses.  Fortunately, Stephen and I both got to stay home from work today, so we have had a great time.  I made biscuits and eggs for breakfast, and then we went out in the backyard with Bailey. She had a blast running around in the snow.  We also went for a walk around our neighborhood loop, and even though it was cold, the snow made everything look beautiful.  Here are some pics we took of our house and neighborhood:

I would love to have another snow day tomorrow, but the roads are looking pretty clear, and there is no more snow coming, so it looks like back to work for us!  Still, I am always grateful for an extra day off, especially when I get to take a nap. 🙂 

Did you get snow?  How much?

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