On Birth and Babies and Books

Hello, bloggy friends.  I confess that I have not been feeling very bloggy over the past few weeks.  This shouldn't be a surprise since my posts have dwindled down to practically nothing.  I have no idea if I'll suddenly be hit with a new burst of blogging energy, but I have been doing this whole blogging business for almost 6 years (I began my first blog in Jan. of 2005-crazy!).  Maybe it's time to retire.  I don't know.  Anyway, today I did feel like blogging, so here I am! 

I am 29 1/2  weeks pregnant, which blows my mind.  I can't believe that in a little over 10 weeks (or maybe sooner!) we will actually get to meet Charlotte and hold her in our arms.  That thought is both thrilling and terrifying.  I have a lot of fears about becoming a mom, especially about those first few weeks.  I don't really know ANYTHING about newborns except what I've heard from others, and even that's not much.  How will I know what to do when Charlotte cries or is fussy or won't sleep?  What if I drop her on her head?  (Kidding, only not so much.)  Right now I'm on the hunt for some good books on infant care, so if you know of any, please share!  I know that reading a book STILL won't really prepare me for the real thing, but at least it will make me feel more informed, right?

Next month Stephen and I are taking a childbirth class at the hospital where I'll have the baby, and I'm both looking forward to it and horrified.  I am sure they will show some horrendous, emotionally-scarring birthing video and I'll wish there was a way to just keep Charlotte in my belly forever so I won't have to deliver her.  I'm still on the fence about whether to have a natural childbirth or get an epidural, but maybe I'll know more about which option to choose after this class.  And possibly scary media aside, the class will hopefully be informative, and it will be neat to be taking it with other couples who are expecting a child.  I will keep you posted should anything noteworthy happen at these classes.  We will go once a week for 4 weeks, and then we'll be experts at everything!  Right?  Of course.  🙂

I can't believe Christmas is almost here.  Where did the month go??  We are traveling to Illinois to see Stephen's family, and I am hoping we'll get a little snow.  However, so far the forecast shows nary a hint of that glorious white stuff, so I don't know if that will work out or not.  It will be fun to spend some time with Stephen's family, too, since it's been a while since we've seen them.  This will also be our last Christmas without a child, which is kind of weird to think about.  Next year we'll have a sweet little girl hogging all the attention. Rats.  🙂 

Okay, I've ended the last two paragraphs with smileys, so it's definitely time to wrap up this post.  I hope you all are doing well, and please let me know if you have read any good baby books! 

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10 thoughts on “On Birth and Babies and Books

  1. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. And that's all you need to buy.

    And by the way, you're not supposed to know anything about being parents. That's how God intended parenthood to be, or at least I'm convinced of it anyway.


  2. I totally understand where your coming from. If I let myself really think about it, I'll panic about the “what ifs”. I got On Becoming Babywise which is supposed to teach me how to get the baby on a feeding and sleeping schedule. I'll let you know how I like it. I have had a few friends tell me how much they love that book, so we shall see 🙂


  3. I also recommend Babywise, but read it and then talk to some moms! It seems overwhelming, but we just took the basic scheduling ideas and adapted them for us. It worked wonderfully and really made me feel good to have a plan. I'd love to talk with you about caring for a newborn, Erin! Both before and when you are actually caring for her! 🙂 It can be very overwhelming, but it is really wonderful. 🙂


  4. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg.

    It has been our guide for these first few months and we couldn't have done it without that book. I'm dead serious. It has been a lifesaver and made us not stress as much as we would've without that book. It was a God send, literally. I read it when i was about 25-30 weeks along and got it out again after she was born. You should see our copy, it's highlighted and bookmarked everywhere. It has been a lifesaver. I feel more relaxed as a new parent than I ever thought imaginable. Now, are some moments crazy and intense? Absolutely! But this book really helped me emotionally, to get through those tougher times and make them a little easier. Buy it! Read it! Highlight it! And bookmark it!

    I also liked What to Expect in the First Year. I use it as a secondary for Nyla's growth and development. It gives month to month information and it's good too. But the Baby Whisperer is THE book to have in my opinion.

    And I'm always here for you too. Message me on facebook or email me. I'll help you as best I can. I love talking to new mommy's who are going through it too. I have a couple of girls I went to high school with, and barely knew that I've gotten in touch with b/c we all had babies around the same time. And it's been really nice having someone to talk to about all the ups and downs that come along with being a parent.

    But go by The Baby Whisperer right now. It's an excellent read. Tracy explains everything so clearly. It's a quick read too and you can easily refer to it when needed. I won't ever get rid of my copy. I asked for The Toddler Whisperer, her second, for Christmas since Nyla will be walking around here soon enough. It deals with having other kids, potty training and other stuff. I'm excited about reading it too.

    You'll be a great mommy, don't stress!

    And I hadn't decided about going natural or having an epidural until that day. I was 8 cm before I decided to have one. I decided to have one, not because the pain was horrible, but so I could nap and rest before I began pushing. I was able to nap before the craziness began and I felt better because of it. But I ended up having a c-section, so it didn't matter. But I was undecided until the day came, so no need to decide now. I told my OB that too and she was fine with it.

    Praying for you friend!


  5. Dr. Dobson has a great one that is from pregnancy to teenage years. We love it! It's fine to have an idea of what you want to do going into labor, but it's also ok to play it by ear. Things can change, as long as you and your baby are ok, do what feels best in the moment. In the end you get a baby whether you go natural, epidural, or c-section. You will do great!


  6. My brother and sisterinlaw have been reccomending Babywise to EVERYONE. I don't even have kids and they tell me about it 🙂

    My nephew is 9 months old and has been sleeping an average of about 10 hours a night for months. 🙂 Good luck! Can't wait to see sweet pictures of baby Charlotte!


  7. I purposely did not read any books to keep my options open. I think a lot depends on your personality, the baby's personality, etc. For every book that says do X, there is another book that says do Y. I think you have to figure out what works best for you!

    My dad is a retired pediatrician and harps on how good and wonderful a mother's intuition is. I didn't really know what he meant till I had Mark. But now I know. On Monday, I was hesitant to drop Mark off at daycare b/c he seemed “off” to me. Sure enough, he was getting sick and a mess by the time I picked him up (wish they had called me!).

    So, I was really worried just like you are. I think that's TOTALLY normal. But I think the more you can go with the flow, the better. And I say that as a person who is TOTAL TYPE A! I like to KNOW what to expect and be prepared. But I think God is teaching me to try to accept the unknown a little more. And seriously I could not have done this without his help.

    Also, regarding your birth experience: you will know what to do once you are in labor. Again, that must be SO frustrating to hear. But everyone's experience is so, so different. I don't understand how that is… but it is. I hired a doula to do private birth classes with the intent to do natural child birth. But after 23 hours of labor, I couldn't take it anymore and got the epidural. It was a god send. Maybe I wouldn't have needed it if my labor had gone more quickly, but I was pretty tired by then (given that I'd gone into labor at 1 am this morning before… ugh.) Your nurses, etc. will be with you all the way to answer your questions and help you figure out what you need.

    Big hugs, my friend!


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