Third Trimester is Here

Am I really 28 weeks along and in my third trimester??  I can’t believe it!  I can’t wait to see our little princess!

Baby’s size?  Charlotte is roughly 15 inches long and about the size of a Chinese cabbage (which I couldn’t even pick out at the grocery store, haha). 

Weight Gain?  As of last Wednesday’s appointment at the doctor, 23 pounds.

Stretch marks? Still no new ones.

Belly button in or out?  In.

Sleep? Oh sleep, how fickle you are!  Some nights I sleep GREAT, and then other nights I wake up frequently and when morning comes don’t feel rested at all.

Foods I am loving? Hot chocolate, ice cream, clementines, and apples.

Foods I am hating? Nothing new. 

Best moment this week?  Going to a friend’s baby shower and then registering for Charlotte at Target on Saturday.  I hope the registry isn’t lame; I have NO idea what I’m doing!

Movement? Yes, and Charlotte is definitely getting stronger with her kicks.  I am hoping that Stephen will be able to feel her in the next few weeks.

Symptoms?  I’m going to the bathroom all.the.time.  And I’m still rocking the nasal congestion and dealing with headaches.  Fun times. 

What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach, running, wearing “normal” clothes.

What I will miss? Feeling Charlotte move; I love it!

What I’m looking forward to?  The Behold the Lamb of God concert tomorrow.  It’s one of my favorite Christmas things!

Weekly Wisdom: If you feel like crying, just do it. 🙂

Milestone: Entering the third trimester!

Emotions:  My emotions have become more and more crazy lately.  Bring on the waterworks!

4 thoughts on “Third Trimester is Here

  1. Go to the Consumer Report website and print their baby registry checklist. It has everything listed in the categories like “must haves” and “nice, but not necessary” and so forth. I thought it was really helpful because like you, I has NO idea what to register for! 🙂


  2. The bathroom thing will only get worse. But the real fun for Stephen will be feeling the movement. Whenever I felt Nyla kick, I would push back on G's belly, and Ny would kick back. Fun stuff!!


  3. Just enjoying the registering. The most fun is after Charlotte's born and you realize that half the stuff you don't need, or you don't have the stuff you really need, and you can return stuff and use gift cards and really do the necessary shopping. Which is all for diapers and wipes, anyway. Ask for as many of those as possible!


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