27 Weeks

I’m in the last week of my second trimester!  I can’t believe how time is flying right now.  I have no doubt that time will only speed up even more, especially with Christmas coming up and so many activities happening in December.       

I really thought I would have a bigger baby bump by this point, and I have to confess that the size/shape of my belly has depressed me.  I don’t have that nice, rounded bump that I see on so many other pregnant women; to me I just look fat.  And just the week before, some people at work were telling me I still don’t even look pregnant to them, which made me so sad.  It’s really depressed me, and then I feel stupid for feeling depressed because I know what a blessing it is to even BE pregnant, and I am obsessing over something so small and inconsequential.  Still, part of me worries that I haven’t gotten bigger because Charlotte isn’t growing like she needs to be or something like that.  I’m hoping all of this is just in my head.  I will feel better once I go to the doctor and can hear her heartbeat again and know everything is okay. 

Speaking of the doctor, on Wednesday I go back for a checkup and the dreaded gestational diabetes test.  I just have this fear that I am going to find out that I have gestational diabetes, but I am trying not to worry about it since I can’t know for sure until I am tested. 

And now for an update on little Charlotte:

How far along? 27 weeks!

Baby's size?  About 2 pounds and roughly 14.5 inches long!

Weight Gain?  Bleck, next question.

Maternity clothes?  All maternity pants, but I am still wearing a blend of maternity and non-maternity tops.

Stretch marks?  No new ones.

Belly button in or out? Still in.

Sleep?  I really love sleep; I just wish I could get more of it!

Foods I am loving?  I have an apple every day, and lately I've also really loved hot chocolate.

Foods I am hating? Nothing new.

Best moment this week?  Spending Thanksgiving weekend with my family and going shopping on Black Friday (we did NOT go at a crazy early hour, however).

Movement?  Yes indeed. 

Symptoms?  The usual suspects.

Gender?  A little princess. 🙂

What I miss?  Sleeping on my stomach.

What I'm looking forward to?  Getting the gestational diabetes test over with!

Emotions: Worried about gestational diabetes test, anxious to meet Charlotte and hold her in my arms.

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8 thoughts on “27 Weeks

  1. Erin, I'm sorry you're feeling anxious, but I totally understand. I'm sure I would, too! I also wanted to stop in here to tell you that there are a few giveaways on my blog that end this week that are baby/kid geared- you know, in case you want to win even more stuff than what you'll get at your showers! 🙂 I'm praying for ya!



  2. awww, try not to be anxious, but I can totally relate! I was so nervous for it cause I have had the biggest sweet tooth this whole pregnancy, and I just knew they'd tell me I was positive, but it was negative 🙂 Oh and I STILL worry about my little man not being big enough cause I get the “you dont even look that pregnant” comment all the time. People are shocked when I tell them I only have 1 month left. I wanna tell them to shut it!


  3. My mom had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with my younger brother and it totally wasn't a big deal! She could drink diet Cokes and eat sugar-free sweets, and there are so many sugar-free options these days it's not too big of a deal. Don't worry about it! 🙂


  4. Heather is right, it seems like the end of the world, but it doesn't have to be. Worst case…you have me to talk to. I've never been pregnant but I've been dealing with Type II Diabetes for almost five years now. I'll keep an eye on your blog. Praying for good results!


  5. Erin, I understand about the weight. For the longest time, I looked like “is she pregnant or just fat?” and I think a lot of it has to do with how the baby is positioned more than her weight. Don't worry about the GD test, either. My advice for test day: eat some protein that morning (like scrambled eggs) but no carbs and definitely no sugar. With any luck, you'll pass the first test and not have to take the dreaded second one. (More nasty liquid stuff and required fasting:() And like your other friend, I had a huge sweet tooth–towards the end, it was ice cream everyday and dessert any chance I got!–but I still passed fine. Apparently, my body processes sugar really well, which Chris would say is because of all the practice I've given it over the years!


  6. Hi Erin!

    This is a great blog. It's very refreshing to read. I'm sorry your baby bump isn't quite as pronounced as you wish it would be. I hope you start looking all preggy and thangs soon, because I think if I were pregnant I would want to look it too. So I get that. I also hope you get good results on your diabetes test and that all is well with baby Charlotte. That's a really lovely name, by the way. Thanks for stopping by priorfatgirl.com today. Comments are really what makes blogging fun.

    Elle, A PriorFatGirl


  7. Hugs to you! I bet you look great! Consider it a compliment that people don't think you look pregnant–seriously. I know all those pregnancy anxieties. And I'm praying that the God of all comfort will comfort you in your time of need. I bet the GD test will be no big deal! (Definitely no carbs before, and no food at all if you can stand it. It will help you avoid a false positive. Some people fail the first one and pass the longer one.)

    Keep us posted. Big hugs to you my friend!


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