Slow and Steady, Not Fast and Furious

Some of you may have noticed that I declined to answer the question about weight gain that was in the pregnancy survey I posted on Monday. Or maybe you didn’t notice and couldn’t care less. However, the truth is, I didn’t want to post it because I am ashamed of what I’ve gained. It’s definitely more than I wanted to or should have gained by this point, but there’s nothing I can really do about it now, so I may as well ‘fess up.

Pregnancy starting weight: 170

Weight as of 13 weeks: 176

Yep, I’ve gained 6 pounds, and I’m not even out of the first trimester yet. According to What to Expect, average expected weight gain for the first trimester is 2-4 pounds. So while 6 pounds isn’t too much higher, I definitely don’t want to start a trend of gaining more than I’m supposed to for every trimester.

A lot of this gain has happened over the past few weeks. For a while I was doing fine, but I think the extra eating I’ve been doing has caught up with me. I have not made the best of choices (can we say Blizzards and cake?), and now it’s showing up on the scale. I am trying to eat healthy a majority of the time, but my cravings for sweets (which have always been around) have seemed to be heightened, and I’ve just allowed myself to indulge.

I’m determined to nip this in the bud, though, and continue this pregnancy with healthy weight gain. I’ve started tracking my food on SparkPeople and am trying to be more mindful of the foods I’m eating. When I want something sweet, I’m going to turn to fruit or yogurt and not give in to every single temptation I have. Hopefully, if I can build some healthy habits, I will gain weight the way I need to. It’s not as though these are new strategies to me; I used them when I was trying to lose weight, so I don’t know why my mind seems to have “shut off” all my healthy lifestyle buttons, but I am turning them back on!

7 thoughts on “Slow and Steady, Not Fast and Furious

  1. Remember that those pregnancy books all say something different. Try to look at the big picture. You may even want to skip the scale and just get weighed at your monthly appts. If you are eating healthy food, that's all that matters. Remember to eat for the baby. You need more calcium, iron, and protein right now. So go for yogurt, cottage cheese, even a Steak is a good thing for you right now. So, please, please, please don't worry about this. I really want you to enjoy this pregnancy and not have to worry so much about your weight. You'll find that some months you'll gain, some you'll lose, some you'll stay the same. And at the very end of the pregnancy, you'll gain a bit faster. But that's because the baby is getting bigger!!

    Oh and by the way, I didn't get stretch marks till about 37 weeks. I had some already, but I was glad they didn't show up till then. And actually I didn't know till 38 weeks b/c I couldn't see them under my huge belly! : )

    You are growing an amazing human being! So, give yourself a lot of grace right now.



  2. You are doing great just the normal things that go along with being pregnant. With my first one, I could not get enough banana splits (at least there was some fruit I always said). I had a happy healthy 8 lb.14oz baby boy and when I went back for my six weeks check up as I already at my pre-pregnancy weight so there is always hope!!


  3. Just realized that you don't know us as Big Guy & Grammy but Judy & Gil. I also caught a bad grammatical error on my part – I think my eyes are crossing – it should have said “I was already back at my pre-pregnancy weight” – don't ask how I typed as I already………….


  4. You are doing fine, please cut yourself a little slack! You started at a healthy weight which is important–and that had been the goal for some time, right? Imagine what it would be like to find out you're pregnant at 250lb. You are way ahead of the game!!


  5. Stay healthy, but don't beat yourself up. Everyone's pregancny is different. Plus, a friend here lost 30 pounds breastfeeding alone, so there is a light at the end of the voracious-preganancy-craving-tunnel. ~ L


  6. 6 lbs and you are worried!! give yourself a break. that is far less than i gained any of my 1st trimesters. i say eat whatever you want and then just make sure you breastfeed. it burns over 500 calories a day!!


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