Put Your Mind to It, Go For It, Get Down and Break a Sweat

The baby is 12 weeks old now and the size of a lime. For a more detailed description of the baby’s development this week, see the baby blog that Stephen created! I love this line from the babycenter.com description: “His face looks unquestionably human.” Aw.

It’s no secret that the pregnancy has caused me to feel quite exhausted, and I have not been very disciplined in keeping up my exercise routine. I have averaged about one workout a week for the past 2-3 weeks, and I need to change that. Exercise is good for me and good for the baby and is even supposed to help prepare my body for labor (and goodness knows I need all the preparation I can get for that!). I have not been very disciplined in this area, and while I know that rest is good, laziness isn’t, and there definitely have been days that I wasn’t as tired and yet still didn’t exercise.

So here’s my plan: Exercise in the mornings 4 days a week. I’ve tried it in the evenings after work, but by then I’m even more tired, and it’s easier to talk myself out of it, so it really needs to be in the morning. Stephen has promised to help me get up in the mornings, so that should prevent me from continuing to sleep after the alarm has gone off, as I have done pretty much every morning.

I know exercising will make me feel better and give me more energy and provide health benefits, so why NOT do it? I will report back in a week to let you know how I did!

(Bonus points if you can name the show that featured the song lyrics referenced in my title!)

5 thoughts on “Put Your Mind to It, Go For It, Get Down and Break a Sweat

  1. That's my favorite episode of Saved by the Bell!

    No, Jessie, don't take the uppers! Stanford will want you anyway!

    (Unless I'm getting the “I'm So Excited” episode mixed up with another music video episode. I'm remembering them as the same episode.)


  2. Exercise will make your labor go much easier. When I worked Labor and Delivery at a hospital, you could always tell the women who exercised (even just walking 20-30mins a day) – they always had a smoother delivery. Their bodies where stronger and better able to handle the stress. Keep it up! You will be soooo grateful in the end!
    PS: They also always got the pre-baby body back faster, and even lost weight because thier metabolisms and muscles were already in shape.


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