Pregnancy Is Messing with My Mind

Pregnancy has made me more scatterbrained and clumsy. I don’t know if it’s some legitimate symptom of pregnancy or just the fact that I am distracted with thoughts of Baby Mount, but I find myself bumping into things, forgetting things, and confusing things. I also do not think things through as thoroughly as I should at times.

Case in point:

Last night I decided I would go for a 30-minute walk around our neighborhood loop. It was relatively pleasant outside compared to some of the other nights we’ve had, and I was just itching for some exercise, so off I went. When I walked out the door, my watch said 7:40. Great, I thought, at 8:20 I’ll have my 30 minutes in.

Does anyone else see the problem with that math? I didn’t, until around 8:15. Then I realized that in fact my planned 30 minute walk was a 40 minute walk. By that time, I had already started my third loop around and so I just finished that loop and ended up walking 45 minutes instead of 30! I even jogged for 12 minutes, too!

I suppose in this case, my scatterbrainedness (look, I made up a word!) had a positive outcome in that I got more exercise than I intended. Let’s hope that trend continues. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Is Messing with My Mind

  1. Your scatterbrainedness (I stole your word) will unfortunately continue… I remember putting milk in the pantry and just outright losing things ALL the time because I forgot where I had placed them. Have fun finding the things you lost and having those wonderful AHA moments!!


  2. I agree with Laura, unfortunately your brain will never be the same. I forgot everything and lost everything when I was pregnant with Zoey it seems like it is even worse now with baby #2. I can walk from one room to another and completely forget why I went in there in the first place. At least your mistake is for the positive, Tony would have to check after me every time I cooked b/c I would forget to turn the oven off and once even the eye on top of the stove.


  3. Yeah, I'm afraid mommy-brain is somewhat permanent. After pregnancy brain there is newborn brain, one-year-old brain, toddler brain, preschooler brain, and so on and so forth. Not to mention the effects of any subsequent children! =)


  4. Every time Val would wonder about this and look it up, it always seemed to come back to the fact from your last post about being tired all the time. Messes with your mind! Which is why I didn't become scatterbrained and start forgetting simple words until after Cooper was born!


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