In Which I Blog About Hair

Yes, that’s right. My blog has reached a new level of shallowness.

But friends, I am in a hair rut, and I need your help.

Currently, my hair is the longest it’s ever been, but it doesn’t really look great. See?

I don’t really know what to do with it, and a lot of the time it ends up in a ponytail, which is less than glamorous. I definitely need a change, but I am not sure what kind of change I need.


No bangs?

Super short hair?

Chin-length hair?

Flipped out hair?

Longer hair with more layers?

(I have no picture for this scenario)

Help me out! Be brutal, if you must! I need a hair makeover pronto!

9 thoughts on “In Which I Blog About Hair

  1. hmmm…i am no hair genius for sure…i usually do about one haircut a year, but i think that you look great in the picture w/the orange shirt, as well in the one with the flipped out layers. whatever you do, i'm sure you'll look lovely!


  2. Why not try something new? I'd be interested to see layers! Plus, it's so warm in TN that if you keep your, hair long enough, you can still throw it back in a ponytail if you want to. You'll look great whatever you do decide to do!


  3. I love the length you've got, and I agree that at this point you probably want to leave it long enough to put it in a pony tail. (Some days you just need “easy”!) But I do think some face-framing bangs and layers would be great on you. You have a longer face shape so bangs look great on you. You should do something more “side-swept” than you've done in the past, where it's shorter at your part and gets longer as it goes toward the outside. That way, when you have a pony tail you still have a glamorous sweep of bangs across your forehead. Just my opinion though! I think you're looking great!!!


  4. You, dear friend, are super way cute! I love the short little bob in the pic.. And that would be sweet with some longer, sideswept bangs. Yay for haircuts! Thanks for always stopping by my blog too–you make me feel extra special when I see a comment from you (:


  5. I love the pciture with the bangs/bob (you are were the orange shirt). It's so fun, sleek and sheik! Not many people have the face for that cut and it looks fantastic on you!


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