Challenge Update and Home Sweet Home

I just can’t seem to get back into consistent blogging! I sincerely apologize, as I know my updates are sporadic and rather random. Unfortunately, I can’t say this one won’t be more of the same.

First, a quick rundown of my progress with my goals:

1. Exercise 4 times. SUCCESS! This is the first week I’ve managed to do this in a while, and I am really proud of myself. The total minutes I exercised were just a little over 2 hours, but that’s better than ZERO, if my limited math skills are correct. 🙂

2. Log all my food 5 out of 7 days. SUCCESS!

3. Read my Bible every day. Mostly a success. I did this 6 out of 7 days.

All in all, I am proud of how I did, especially compared to the week before last. I am hoping this week will be another solid week.

This weekend Stephen and I went to visit his family in Illinois, and we had such a great, relaxing time. His parents are always so welcoming, and his mom had lots of yummy food for us to eat. It was great to see them, but sadly we didn’t take a single picture! It seems like that happens almost every time he or I go to visit our families, and we need to break that pattern!

Speaking of pictures, I have FINALLY uploaded some pictures of our house to facebook. Here are a few of the highlights:

Living room

Master bedroom

Guest bedroom


Dining room

I thought I’d try out the new riding lawn mower. 🙂

Can I just say having a house is immensely more enjoyable when the air conditioner works?? It is so nice to look forward to coming home instead of dreading it! I am so thankful that all the A/C drama is behind us (as I am sure all of you are, so I’ll stop talking about it).

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and are striving to reach your goals!

5 thoughts on “Challenge Update and Home Sweet Home

  1. Yay for working ac! We had a(nother) scare on Friday, but I think it was just that there were 12 people in our tiny dingin/living room, & we'd used the stovetop for a bit. holy scare, though! 🙂


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