Get to Goal Challenge-Week 2 Report

In which I ‘fess up.

1. Work out 4 times this week. FAIL. I worked out 3 times this week, which is better than last week but still not up to par.

2. Log ALL my food at least 5 days this week. FAIL. I only did this one day, I am ashamed to say. I was aware of what I was eating every day, but I did not formally track my foods.

3. Run at least once. FAIL. I didn’t run at all. I just wasn’t feeling it. I did walk, however.

4. Read my Bible every day. FAIL. I did this 5 out of 7 days.

All in all, this week was pathetic. Which brings me to my weigh-in:

Last week: 170.2
This week: 168.8
LOSS of 1.4 pounds

I think the only reason I lost any weight is because I gained last week and probably was also retaining water. I certainly didn’t put forth an effort to warrant losing weight, although just like last week, I weighed 167 on Friday. Perhaps I should make Fridays my weigh-in days! 🙂

I think for this week I am going to focus on all of the same goals EXCEPT for the running goal. I don’t want to force myself to run if I don’t want to, especially when it’s so hot outside. And perhaps with only 3 goals, I can do a better job of meeting them all.

I realize this kind of progress report is anything but inspiring, but I do think it’s helpful for me to keep reaching for my goals, even though I don’t always meet them. I also think it’s important that I blog when I’m struggling and not just when things are going well. It keeps me honest, and truthfully, a lot of my journey has been a struggle, as I imagine it is for lots of people, so why hide it?

I hope you all make goals and meet them this week!

4 thoughts on “Get to Goal Challenge-Week 2 Report

  1. I think you still did well, and also probably better than you would have with no goals. Working out 3 times is an accomplishment, and a 1.4 lb loss isn't too shabby either!


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