Trying to Keep My Cool

I know all of you are just DYING to read more about my air conditioning saga, so here I am to deliver. 🙂 Last Thursday I posted that we might have the air fixed this week, but that’s looking like less and less of a possibility. We had a guy come out last Thursday and give us a second opinion on the unit, since the first company that the warranty company sent said we needed a compressor. Of course the warranty company wouldn’t cover that, so we wanted to make sure it really was the compressor before we got it fixed. Sure enough, the compressor is shot. And while he was here, the repair man said that he thought that our brand of AC unit may come with a parts warranty. He said he would look it up and let us know.

Friday he called and said that we do in fact have a 10 year parts warranty, which means we don’t have to pay for the compressor, only the labor and addition of Freon, which saves us a LOT of money! The bad news is that the part had to be ordered, and that’s what we’re still waiting on. We paid for expedited shipping, so the part is supposed to arrive within 5-7 days. I kept hoping and praying that by some miracle it would come today, even though it’s only been 4 business days, but it didn’t come. I would LOVE it if it came on Friday, but it’s more likely to come next week. Fortunately, we are going to Memphis to stay with my parents for the weekend, so we’ll get a break from the whole ordeal.

I haven’t handled this trial all that well, to be honest. I have shed tears over this (more than once!), and part of me is ashamed of that. Even calling it a “trial” is silly because I know there are millions of people in the world who don’t even have the luxury of air conditioning. But when it’s summer in west TN and there have been several days when the heat index was over 100, not having air is a challenge. It’s a challenge to try and be grateful, but I am trying. The Lord has blessed us with much, and so I am encouraging myself to “be joyful always, pray continually, and give thanks in all cirucmstances.” With that in mind:

I am thankful that we were able to stay in a hotel for two nights and enjoy air conditioning and a little relief from the sauna that is our house.

I am thankful that back when we lived in our first apartment (a townhouse), my parents bought us an in-room air conditioner to use because our upstairs bedroom was miserably hot in the summer, and so now we can use that in our bedroom to keep the temperature in there more tolerable.

I am thankful that the unit is under warranty so we don’t have to spend more money.

I am thankful that we don’t have to buy a whole new unit.

I am thankful to have parents who live in Memphis and who willingly let us leave our dog with them because we were worried about how the heat was affecting her.

I am thankful for friends and family who love us and have been praying for us and the situation.

I am thankful that I married such a loving husband.

There is so much to be thankful for.

I feel better already. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Trying to Keep My Cool

  1. I can imagine what you've been through with this heat we've been having. So glad you don't have to pay for the part! We had that happen last year – I think it was the evaporator coil but labor was still . . . $700.00 Outrageous!!

    You are smart to look at all the reasons you have to be thankful – we are all truly blessed.


  2. We sympathize, Erin, completely. Everyone has their A/C stories, and suffice to say, I don't trust any of these companies to treat me right.

    Did I mention that when I woke up this morning our A/C was out of freon? So I'm still waiting for the repair guys to come fill it up, trying to keep Cooper cool. Thankfully it's cloudy so I can open a couple of windows to create a draft, and Val got to leave for a couple of hours, but if they don't show up soon I will start getting very, very mad.


  3. Girl, this IS a trial. And I am so sorry you've had to go through this in the middle of one of the hottest summers we've had in a long time. You have been very wise to see what's happening with the warranty, etc. and have saved a lot of money. But you've had to endure HEAT and also disappointment that your move to your first house wasn't a little more smooth. I totally get that.

    So, sending you big hugs and hope that the A/C gets fixed this week!


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