What Goes Up Must Come Down

What’s gone up, you ask? My weight.

Last week’s weight: 169.
This week’s weight: 170.2

My scale is clearly broken, right? Right???

Or maybe it is the fact that though I did in fact manage to log my food 5 of 7 days last week, I didn’t exactly make the greatest nutritional choices. Honestly, if you looked at my food choices over the past few months, “healthy” would not be one of the words you’d use to describe them. I’ve allowed myself to give little thought to eating healthy. How do I expect to maintain my weight if I can’t eat healthy foods?

What’s truly pitiful is that on Friday, I weighed 167.6, which means I gained 2.6 pounds over the weekend! I have this tendency to see a new low on the scale and then just go nuts with my food intake. How illogical is that?! In addition, the weekends are always a struggle for me to stay focused on eating healthy, but as Jen says, you don’t get to take the weekends off on your healthiness journey. I have to pull it together if I’m going to make it to my goal, and I’m not sure what the solution is. Obviously, I need to stop eating with abandon, but it seems like I have some sort of mental roadblock I can’t get past.

If anyone has any thoughts, please share them!

5 thoughts on “What Goes Up Must Come Down

  1. Without fail, every time I see a new low number on the scale, it seems like I allow myself to go crazy with food. I need to stop making it a reward. Finding something else to reward myself is important. I bought a new bottle of nail polish and gave myself a pedicure last time. I like the new background!


  2. I totally do the same thing. The good news is that I do it less and less, and rather than my 'success binges' lasting weeks and ruining my progress, I'm usually able to reign it in within a meal or two, which is SO MUCH BETTER than what it used to be. I'm still working — I've lost about 50 pounds, still want to lose another 30 — but I'm getting there. Slow and steady wins the race. We will so reach our goals! Also, a lot of times I just tell myself, “Stop thinking about [X food]. It's not an option.” I know that sounds silly, but it really works for me most of the time.

    Good luck!


  3. I don't have any fabulous words of wisdom because I do the same thing. I remember a few weeks the topic off a WW meeting was that you can't take the weekends off, and it was so true! That's 156 days a year – far too many to just take off. But it is difficult.


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