Not Even a Title Can Pull This Post Together

I had a post up here earlier, but I deleted it. It was too whiny, and I felt bad about posting such a negative post, so I took it down. So if you clicked over here from a reader and are wondering where it went, that’s what happened.

The good news is we just might have the air conditioner fixed next week! I can only hope!

More good news: I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. The bad news: I don’t have to go to work tomorrow because my workplace is having a POOL PARTY all day long. Yes, that’s right, I’m invited to don a bathing suit and swim in front of my boss. Awesome, right?

In other news, I’m doing well with my goals. Expect a full report next Monday! I also am going to try and take pictures of the house this weekend now that we have everything unpacked. Yay!

And if anyone has any suggestions about how I could keep my current layout but make my header more readable, I’d love some! All the colors I’ve tried don’t seem to work with the background.

3 thoughts on “Not Even a Title Can Pull This Post Together

  1. i'm not so great w/blog template/html codes so no help there…

    however, i'm SUPER excited about progress with the AC! woohoo! will be praying that it all goes smoothly!

    as for the pool party–EEP! that would scare me to death! but with all your hard work, you deserve to be proud of your body! Hope it's lots of fun!


  2. Can't wait to see house pictures!!!!

    I've had the same trouble with the title in some of these layouts. It's like whoever designed them doesn't know that seeing the title is kind of important!


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