My Arms: Exposed

It began with this post. Just one woman posting a tribute to her body and all that it does for her. That one post sparked a movement, with other bloggers posting their own pictures and tributes. I read one today by Lyn at Escape from Obesity, one of my favorite bloggers, and her post about her arms inspired me to do my own.

Longtime readers will remember my posts from last summer about my experiment with bearing my arms, arms which I viewed with more than a little bit of disgust, arms which I refer to as my “bat wings.” I challenged myself to appreciate my arms for what they are and wore sleeveless shirts to try and be more comfortable in my own body. And it worked.

For a while.

Now that the weather is warmer and I’ve started wearing short-sleeved shirts, I’ve started noticing my arms again. Every time I reach for something at my desk, I see the flab. And it takes a lot of willpower for me not to instantly think, “Ugh, arm flab! Gross!” But I am trying to remember that 1) no one really cares about my arms, and 2) my arms happen to be an essential part of my body that can do a lot of fantastic things. They are not perfect–far from it–but they are mine, and they have come a long way.

Usually when I pose for pictures, I make sure my arm flab is not so prominent, but not today. Today I am going to grin and bear ’em. So, blog world, I present to you my arms in all their flabby glory:

What about you? What do you appreciate about your body?

P.S. THANK YOU for all of your wonderful, supportive comments on yesterday’s post! I really, really appreciate them. You guys are awesome!

13 thoughts on “My Arms: Exposed

  1. as always, you are so inspiring! and you look great–healthy and glowy =)

    my problem area is my butt (no pictures of That going on my blog anytime soon, ha!) but i adore my legs!


  2. Erin, I don't know how else to put this…but you look hot girl! For serious- as Renee said- healthy and glowy for sure!

    Yeah, my problem area is my butt, but my husband happens to like it, so I'm okay with that…and I am definitely not posting a picture of my butt either. Because that's just icky.


  3. You look great! I hope you have a before picture of your arms for you to compare to because I'm sure it will show all of the hard work that you've put in!

    My problem area was always my arms, too, until I had a baby about 2 years ago. I had a c-section and the cut can give your body a belly apron-especially if you're overweight, or in my case, morbidly obese. So, yeah, my “apron” is my “ewwwww” area. And, trust me, no one wants to see that.


  4. The thing is, if you hadn't pointed your arms out, I wouldn't have noticed. You're beautiful. You look healthy and happy, and that's the best thing. Go you!!!! ~ L


  5. I remember that post from a year ago and it inspired me to wear short sleeved shirts to work (for awhile). Yesterday I did again, and like you I was uncomfortable at first. Ended up putting on a sweater mostly because I was cold in my office but it is something I am going to have to get used to all over again 🙂
    You ROCK by putting it back out there again…


  6. You know, we all have that thing we worry about and watch for in every pic (mine is my double chin and fat cheeks that no amount of weight loss will take away). The thing is, no one else ever notices, but I see the flaws. We are so much harder on ourselves than everyone else. I've been purposefully telling myself, it is not about me, it is about HIM. Every time one of those stupid thoughts pop up! Good job!


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