March Check-Up and April Goals

Happy April, friends! No foolin’ here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since it’s a new month, it’s time for a recap of last month and then new goals!

March starting weight: 176.8
March ending weight: 171.2
LOSS of 5.6 pounds

I can’t believe I lost 5 pounds this month! I am so excited! Not only is this the most weight I’ve lost in a month in quite some time, but my new weight also means that I have officially lost 90 pounds! Only 10 pounds until I reach my goal. Yes!

Now, for the not-so-great report of March goals:

My goals for March:

1. Run in one race. COMPLETED. I ran in a 5k last Saturday and achieved a PR.

2. Go to the gym 10 times. FAIL. I made it 7 times. I would be lame and blame my failure to go 3 more times on the gym’s change in hours because it is spring break and I workout at a university gym, but honestly, I just didn’t go enough times.

3. Get up at 5:15 a.m. at least 4 times during the work week. FAIL. I don’t know how many times I ended up getting up at 5:15, but it definitely wasn’t 4 times a week. Again, I could be lame and make excuses, but I just didn’t get it done. I’m still working on it, though.

As for my year-long goals, hereโ€™s a quick recap of those:

Fitness minutes: 892 (goal for the year: 12,000; total so far: 2,260)
Calories burned: 9,610 (no goal setโ€“I just like tracking this) ๐Ÿ™‚
Miles ran/walked/biked: 62.3 (goal for the year: 800; total so far: 140.8)
Books read: 2 this month (goal for the year: 20; total so far: 7). I read Chasing Fireflies by Charles Martin and Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller.
I only blogged 3 times a week for two of the four weeks.
I have found my time for Bible study and prayer–mornings. I get it done even if I don’t get exercise in.
I have not yet run a 10k or half marathon race.

My goals for April are simple:

1. Wake up at 5:15 at least 4 times a week.

2. Complete the half marathon on April 17. I am making this a specific goal because I have had lots of thoughts of chickening out recently, but I have to at least try, right?

That’s it! What are your goals for April?

9 thoughts on “March Check-Up and April Goals

  1. Great goals and 5 lbs in a month is awesome! My April goals are basically the same as March: do more personal bible study, workout 5 times per week, drink more water. Seems simple enough…lol!


  2. Congrats on the 5 pounds this month! Maybe training for a half was exactly what your body needed.

    I *thought* I had my bible study down a couple of weeks ago but apparently not–I'm going to have to add it back into my list of goals, too. Thanks for the reminder!


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