Friday Five: The Spring Edition

Things I love about spring:

1. Easter. It’s such a meaningful holiday. I love celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

2. T-shirts and flip flops. Need I say more?

3. March Madness. I’m no sports fanatic, but I love filling out a bracket (or two or three) and following the games. This year Stephen and I both filled out “serious” brackets, and then we also filled out one using coin tosses to decide who would win each game. I am sure that bracket will be completely ruined after the first round. Hehe.

4. The brown and gray of winter is replaced with the green of spring. I love the way the sky and the ground seem to just come alive in the spring.

5. Cadbury Eggs. Yummy goodness. I actually have yet to have one of these yet because I just want ONE, not a package of them, and I can’t find them sold individually!

What do you love about spring?

8 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Spring Edition

  1. Great post!!!

    Spring its a time of growth and revival!

    The sounds of nature, the whimsical formations of clouds, the light breezes, the smells of mother nature, and the rebirth of so many beautiful things we usually take for granted and don't SEE!

    Enjoy yours and have a Blessed Weekend!


  2. No coat! no socks! no gloves! – that's my favorite part 😀
    Idea: buy the pack of eggs, take out 2. eat 1. save the other. give all remaining eggs to co-workers. eat the other later. the end. ~ L


  3. 1. I love being outside and frolicking in the sunshine before it gets too hot. The summers in Texas are brutal.

    2. Cute spring clothes, specifically spring dresses with jazzy sandals.

    3. Hats. I am a hat girl and I love cute straw hats or springy hats period.

    4. Spring means we are nearing the end of the school year and I am closer to summer break.

    5. SPRING BREAK!!!! Need I say more?


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