Going for It

I think I’ve made a decision about what to do concerning my conflicting goals of weight loss and half marathon: I’m going for the half marathon. Here’s why:

1.  I am halfway through my training right now, and the thought of having to start all over with that does not excite me.

2.  The half marathon I am wanting to run is on April 17, so I really only have two months of training left, and then I can focus solely on weight loss.

3.  In those two months, it’s possible that I could still manage to lose a few pounds, so it’s not like I’m completely “giving up” on weight loss. I’m just shifting my focus a bit.

4.  I’ve already taken two years to lose weight, so what’s a little more time, right? 🙂

5.  If I didn’t reach my goal weight until summer and then started training for a half, then that would mean I’d have to train in the heat, and I do NOT want to do that. I can do treadmill runs of about 5 miles, but twice that? Not gonna happen.

6.  As a friend on SparkPeople said, I can always lose weight, but will I always be capable of running a half marathon? Maybe, maybe not.

So I’m going for it. While losing weight and running a half may be at odds, I know that being healthy and running the half DEFINITELY are not at odds.  I am hoping to cross that finish line in the best shape of my life, even if I still have 15 pounds to lose!

5 thoughts on “Going for It

  1. Good luck! I think you're doing the right thing. Train well and easy to stay healthy (re: not injured). And keep us posted on how your training is going. I whole-heartedly agree that training in the spring is much nicer than summer. Although, I trained for my marathon in the summer with a group and it wasn't too bad most days. : )

    YAY Erin!


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