Push Through It

Hello, readers! Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post; I haven’t been able to get on the computer much at all (as my Google Reader with 240 unread items can attest). This week has just seemed to be very busy for some reason, and I am ready for the weekend!

After reading some of the great tips from you all about surviving runs on the treadmill, I went to the gym on Tuesday night determined to knock out an hour on that thing if it killed me. Since I didn’t get to do my long run over the weekend I still wanted to see if I could squeeze it in, and so I purposely decided to workout in the evening so I would have enough time for an hour-long run. I was able to get on my favorite treadmill (Yes, I have a favorite. Yes, I know I’m weird.), and I had my trusty iPod ready. Too bad I forgot to load the audiobook I had downloaded (Little Women–thanks for the link, Elaine!) onto my iPod, so I had to settle for my running playlist. I decided that I would challenge myself to only look at the clock once per song in the hopes that the time wouldn’t drag by. I covered the display with my towel and began my warm-up jog at 4.6 mph (I know, I’m a turtle) and determined to get through all 5 minutes without looking at the clock on the treadmill. I initially was worried this idea wouldn’t work because I am doing run/walk intervals of 5:1, so what if I went longer than 5 minutes without looking at the clock and threw off my whole interval schedule? However, this was not an issue at all because it was a struggle to go 5 minutes without looking, so there was about a 1% chance that I would make it longer than that.

After my warm-up jog and subsequent 1-minute walk, I increased the speed to 5.0. I had also decided that I would try and do each running interval at a faster speed than the previous one, until I got up to 5.5 mph, and then I would decrease by .1 mph until I got back down to 5.0. I didn’t want to go too fast for fear that I would exhaust myself before the hour was up, but I also wanted to challenge myself.

Surprisingly, the first 20 minutes or so went by fairly quickly. I did look at the clock during every song, but somehow doing the intervals and changing the speed helped. Of course, once I got up to 5.4 and 5.5, I was struggling and SO glad when I finished those intervals and could slow back down. I had a brief feeling of nausea come over me about 30 minutes in, probably because I ate dinner about 20 minute before I left for the gym, but I pushed through it. The last 10 minutes of the workout were the toughest; my legs were starting to feel heavy, I was sweating like crazy, and my heart rate had been in the 180s for a while. But I told myself that when I am running a 10k or a half marathon, I’m probably going to feel this same way (or worse), but I wouldn’t quit if I only had 10 minutes left, so I couldn’t do it now either. I didn’t quit.

made it.

5.1 miles in 65 minutes.  On the TREADMILL, that machine I loathe about 75% of the time.  Am I going to break any records with that time?  Nope.  Does that make me any less proud?  Nope.    

My name is Erin, and I’m a runner. 🙂

Even if you’re not a runner, there are going to be times when you feel like giving up, whether you’re trying to lose weight or trying to learn a new language or trying to change careers.  But if you find yourself at that place where you just want to surrender and stop trying, think about all the hard work and time you’ve already invested.  What if you knew that next week, you’d be at your goal weight?   What if you knew that next week, you’d have a breakthrough in your language training?  What if you knew that next week, you’d find the perfect job?  Would you give up?  Of course not!  You’d keep trying.  Sometimes you have to push through those desires to quit, stop focusing on how hard everything is right now, and think about how AMAZING it will feel to achieve what you’ve been striving for! 

Is there something you’re struggling with?  How do you make yourself push through it? 

9 thoughts on “Push Through It

  1. Great post! So inspiring. You made me want to go run! I have been exercising (elliptical, spin class, step aerobics class) regularly, but I haven't been running, and I keep toying with the idea. I do know what you mean about a “Favorite” treadmill. I always try to get on the same treadmill. Congrats on completing the five mile run – that's awesome!


  2. Love your post. It hit the spot today cause i was feeling a bit down about my eating today, not completely perfect. But, I did do the first day of week one couch potato to 5k program. I too was proud of myself for completing what is probable a simple task but not being a runner it was a chore. Thank you for making me feel better about my day!!!!


  3. congratulations on finishing your run, and I'm glad you liked the link! FYI, the woman who reads The Scarlet Pimpernel on Librivox is great!

    Your post in inspiring because I'm struggling to get my dissertation done. I'm on the very last leg, and I'm so out of steam that I hate heading to the computer every morning. But I'm SO CLOSE I just keep my eyes on the finish line.


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