February Goals

In addition to my goals for the year, I wanted to set 2-3 “mini goals” each month, probably because I like to torture myself. 😉

Here are my February goals:

1. Stop picking at my nails. I am terrible at this, and while I went through a stretch of time when I didn’t do this at all very much, the habit has returned with gusto, and it’s about time I got rid of it for good. Any tips for how to stop? I have tried painting my nails, but the polish chips off so quickly that I end up taking it off after a few days.

2. Don’t eat after 8:00 p.m. This worked well for me in the past, but I’ve gotten lax in following this guideline, so I’m making it a specific goal.

3. Go to the gym 8 times. I am trying to earn a free t-shirt, but I have to go to the gym 50 times by May 20 to get it, and I am definitely way behind on my gym attendance. I am also more likely to do more strength training exercises when I am at the gym with access to more equipment.

As far as running goes, I didn’t do any this weekend. The roads were really bad on Friday and Saturday because of ice, and the gym was closed all weekend. I could have trudged through slush and snow on Sunday, but I opted not to. We thoroughly enjoyed our 3-day weekend (and Stephen was off today, too–lucky!), and it’s a shame every week can’t have a 3-day weekend. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? 🙂

What are your goals for February?

5 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. Keeping your nails painted a dark color is the best way…I agree that it chips after a couple days and you have to repaint them constantly, but then they get longer and you don't pick at them when they look nice! Take good vitamins to keep them strong. Maybe reward yourself with acrylic nails or getting a manicure someplace if you keep them nice and stop picking.


  2. i have a 3 day weekend every week…but only b/c i have chronic illnesses…i don't know if you would want to make that trade off 😉

    i also pick my nails, but it is pretty low on my “things to work on” list!

    and your not eating after 8 rule is great and I need to abide by that for sure!


  3. I don't have any suggestions for your nails but I do like your Feb. goals. One of mine is to work my butt off and do as much exercising as I can. I've got to get back into the habit and get moving lots and lots and lots 🙂


  4. No running on ice…but you might strap on some skates and take the streets :).

    I think mini goals are good. It kind of helps to be able to meet the smaller goals while working on the “big” goal. Little baby steps to keep you going…good idea.

    I don't pick my nails. I used to keep them long, but when I started playing violin and cello again I had to cut them short. They grow so fast it's hard to keep them short consistently. I don't know how you can stop picking your nails other than to figure out why you do it. Are you bored at the time? Some people pick at their nails when they're bored.


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