Motivation: The Fickle Friend

When the alarm went off at 5:45 this morning, I did not want to get up.  I had not slept well due to my silly stuffy nose, and I would have loved to stay in bed, underneath the warm covers (we have a heated mattress pad, and it is fabulous).  The thought of skipping my workout went through my head, but then I remembered something important:  I ALWAYS regret skipping a workout, but I NEVER regret working out.  As I told someone on Facebook the other day, putting on your workout clothes and showing up is 80% of the battle!  So I got out of bed, got dressed, went out into the frosty air, and drove to the gym.  (I prefer walking/running outside, but I will not do it if it’s below freezing.  Call me a wuss if you must.)

And you know what?  I ran today!  It was only 13 minutes total, but I ran, and my shoes felt great!  I am glad that my feet seem to have adjusted to them.  I was initially only planning to walk today, but this morning when I was on the treadmill and had walked for about 15 minutes, I felt like running, so I did.  I ran 5 minutes, walked 1, then ran 8 more minutes before walking again.  It even felt–dare I say it?–EASY.  Granted, it probably felt easy because it was only 13 minutes, but in the past even that has felt difficult at some points, so I am grateful for the run and looking forward to my next one on Friday!  If I had slept in, I would have missed out on that experience altogether.

Many days I love to exercise and look forward to it, but on other days it is a struggle to find the motivation, and it’s on those days that I have to “fake it until I make it.”  Let’s face it: if I always relied on “feeling motivated” or “feeling inspired” to lose weight, I wouldn’t get very far.  I won’t always feel like working out, but if I am committed to being healthy, sometimes I have to just leave my feelings out of the equation.  So when I am tempted to skip a workout, I remind myself of my commitment and how many benefits there are to exercising.  Another idea I like is one I read on someone else’s blog (and if it’s your blog, please let me know because I don’t remember where I read it!).  The idea is to tell yourself that you will do only 10 minutes, and if you feel miserable after those 10 minutes, you will stop.  More often than not, you will do more than those 10 minutes.  It’s worked for me on more than one occasion.

When you are tempted to skip a workout, how do you talk yourself into it?

7 thoughts on “Motivation: The Fickle Friend

  1. I have a trick I use when I don't want to workout since I workout in the morning like you do. I will pack my gym bag the night before with all my work clothes and shampoo's and put it in the car the night before and that way when I wake up, I'd have to get out of bed anyways to go get my shampoo out of the car.


  2. I am struggling wiht motivation these days. Its the cold, I think. But you are correct – I should go, motivated or not. Still, I can't wait for warmer weather! ~ L


  3. I needed to read this, haha, because the truth of the matter is, I am usually motivated to skip a work out and succumb to the temptation. I have issues with being disciplined. But, I have recently set a goal for myself to exercise in some form or fashion every single day. I have made a weight goal of losing 25 pounds in 4 months. You are such an inspiration to me! I hope I can be successful like you have.


  4. Motivating myself is hard to do. I like going to the gym but since I've canceled my membership, I have to find that extra inspiration to do what I need to do that home, on my own.

    So I think about all the clothes I want to wear (I know, typical, but it works on a shopaholic like myself) and how I'd love to start spinning again and it gets me moving.


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