Exercise: It Does a Body Good

Confession: until yesterday, I had not exercised ALL YEAR, with the exception of completing a ten-minute SparkPeople video on January 3.  I have been sick with some kind of cold/sinus junk that drained me of energy, and I am still not fully well, although I probably used that as an excuse more than I should have.  I managed to do 15 minutes of cardio yesterday and 30 this morning before feeling a little dizzy, and I am hoping that tomorrow I can do even more.

Unfortunately, all of this means that my running has been nonexistent, which means that I haven’t begun any 10k training.  The last time I ran was New Year’s Eve morning!  I have only used my new running shoes 3 times, and I am anxious to use them some more because they honestly didn’t feel that great when I used them initially.  I am hoping my feet just need to get used to them.

The good news is I have still managed to lose weight despite having not exercised.  I have been keeping close track of my calories, and today I weighed in at 178.6, which makes almost 83 pounds gone!  Woohoo!  Maybe I’ll just stop exercising for good! After all, I am doing fine without it, right? 😉


Okay, okay, so no exercise is not a good thing.  Sure, I still have lost weight, but that does not change the fact that exercise benefits the body in a number of ways that go beyond a mere calorie burn.  Let me name some of them:

1. Increased energy.

2. Increased self-confidence.

3. Improved physical endurance.

4. Improved cardiovascular health.

5. Lower cholesterol levels.

6. Lower risks for numerous health conditions.

Basically, I’d be crazy NOT to exercise!

What do you like about exercise?  (Or what do you hate?)  And if you haven’t already, make sure you enter the giveaway in Monday’s post!

6 thoughts on “Exercise: It Does a Body Good

  1. When I complete my workout in the morning, it creates a positive veibe for the rest of my day…I put together a nice outfit, pretty up my hair and face, make better eating choices, and I am more productive at work (most of the time!)

    Just curious, can you suggest a good site for 10K training programs?


  2. i struggle w/exercise b/c all my stupid health conditions really “punish” me if i push myself even a little too much. i want to do it, but my feet and joints hurt so much afterwords that it's hard to even start again. boo.

    That is an amazing loss for you though!


  3. Glad you are starting to feel a little better. Hope you are back in those running shoes soon!

    I LOVE Exercise! Really, I do. As a full-time working mom to two toddlers the gym time is really my only “ME” time.

    Exercise gives me a positive attitude. I feel accomplished, strong, confident….along with everything you mentioned.

    I know my food is the key to my weight loss, but the exercise is certainly a big part of it.


  4. What I love about excercise…
    the feeling you have during and when you are done. The stress it releases…after time seeing your hard work pay off and your own ability to create your very OWN MASTERPIECE in yourself!

    Come join me as well keeping up with my second prep in March for figure competition, I started later in life because its NEVER too late!!!!!!


  5. I actually love exercising. Sometimes it takes me some effort to get going but once I do, I love it. I especially love doing it first thing in the morning as it really sets my day. I have much more energy.

    And you are right, I am making an effort to eat more – seems so much like an oxymoron – lose weight = eating more 🙂


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