Friday Five: Random Facts About Me

1. I am left-handed. Hooray for southpaws!

2. I have probably mentioned this before, but cutesy spelling drives me nuts. I love a good Krispy Kreme donut every now and then, but why can’t it be spelled correctly?? I have a feeling people would still eat the donuts.

3. I love flipping pancakes. It took me a while to master this, and I still mess up, but for the most part, I am a pretty awesome pancake flipper. It’s all about the kind of turner you use.

4. I have a terrible habit of picking my nails. I don’t bite them, but I will start picking them and sometimes not even realize I am doing it.

5. Using “ur” for “you’re” or “your” annoys me (and I even had a student use it in a paper once). It’s not like “you’re” or “your” are long words, so there’s no need to make them shorter! In my opinion, texting is going to be the death of English grammar.

Any random facts you’d like to share about yourself?

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Random Facts About Me

  1. i totally agree w/you on the cutesy thing. it drives me crazy. of course, i use abbreviations and fail to capitalize when i'm writing informally…that might get on your nerves too! it also drives me crazy when people write “alot” instead of “a lot.” blech


  2. Haha, we were laughing about those spellings at work…there is an apartment complex here called Kozy Kreek…why do they spell it that way? It's not like they had to change the letters to make the alliteration work…I personally think it sounds like a lazy river ride at a water park…


  3. Here are a couple of facts:

    1. My favorite movie in the whole wide world is Sixteen Candles.

    2. I have really bad road rage.

    3. I like to go to carnivals to eat funnel cake and play skee ball.

    4. I was named the most outstanding sociology student in college when I earned by Bachelors.

    5. My ears are pierced twice but I only wear one pair of earrings.


  4. I agree about the “ur” spelling – or for that matter, and word less then 5 letters – just spell it out! That extra nano-second it will take isn't going to kill you! Sigh….

    And here is one random fact about me: I've never eaten a Twinkie.


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