Looking Back to Move Forward

I know it’s a little late for this, but I never got a chance to look back at last year’s accomplishments, specifically in the realm of fitness and weight loss. Here are some of the events that happened in 2009:

Fitness Accomplishments

1. Completed Couch to 5k (C25k) training in May.

2. Completed my first 5k in May.

3. Completed my second 5k in October.

4. Walked a mile in 13:30.

5. Established a regular strength training routine.

6. Logged over 14,000 fitness minutes on SparkPeople.

7. Ran my longest distance ever of 6.2 miles in August.

Weight Loss Accomplishments

1. Went from 212 to 181. That is only 31 pounds for the WHOLE year, which is kind of pitiful, BUT I am smaller than I was last year, I successfully maintained my weight loss from the year before, and my weight continues to move in the right direction.

2. Went from a size 18 to a size 16. Again, I only lost one pant size this year, but I am close to a 14, and I am out of plus-sized clothes! The first time I purchased an item of clothing in the misses department was a HUGE victory! Now a lot of my current sweaters are a size large. The last time I wore a size large was roughly 10 years ago!

3. Lost inches from all over my body. Currently, my wedding and engagement rings are being sized down because they were practically fall off my finger!

All in all, I feel great about what I accomplished. Do I wish I had lost more pounds? Sure. But I am more proud of what I achieved with running than any number on a scale, and with fitness goals, I can always strive for something new or better! Eventually I won’t have any more weight to lose, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still improve and grow in health and fitness.

One of the most significant things I learned this year is that it is more important to be HEALTHY than to be skinny. If you’re in the middle of your weight loss journey, make sure you focus on overall health and not merely on what the scale says. I know I have been tempted at times to use shortcuts to get the scale to show me a certain number, but if I were to do things like skip meals or take diet pills, I would only be cheating myself and my larger goal, which is to live a healthy lifestyle so I can be around for my husband and future children. While I am not skinny, nor will I probably ever be, I feel healthier than ever. Certainly you can be both skinny and healthy, but it is also possible to be skinny and terribly unhealthy.

What are some accomplishments from 2009 that you’re proud of? Brag about them in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Looking Back to Move Forward

  1. Congratulations! You have a lot to be proud of.

    Some of my health accomplishments from 2009:

    -finished my first triathlon
    -lost 34 pounds (before I got pregnant)
    -exercised throughout my pregnancy
    -learned that “healthy” is better than “skinny”
    -got control of my food issues
    -inspired others to be healthier

    And here's to a fantastic and achievement-filled 2010!!


  2. 31 lbs in one year is AMAZING!!! I follow your blog because you are inspiring! 2009 was kind of a bummer year for me, but I'm hoping to make 2010 my “banner year” by finally reaching a healthy weight!


  3. Hey came across your blog, very good read and inspiring…its great to meet woman who are working hard at personal goals…please follow mine as well as I am prepping for my second competition on Ohio in March!



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