Out with a Bang

I have BIG news!

On Monday I weighed 183.4, which was a gain of .8 pounds. However, on Tuesday I weighed 181.2, which is a new low for me. I was very ecstatic about this but wanted to see if I could see it on the scale 2 days in a row so it would be more “official,” and Wednesday morning I saw 181.0! I did it! I have lost 80 POUNDS (80.4, to be exact)! That is HUGE! I am so excited this happened right before the year ended. What a way to go into 2010! Even though I have lost only 31 pounds this year, I am still headed in the right direction. I am still making good choices. This new low gives me renewed confidence that I can reach my goal weight of 161, which is ONLY 20 pounds away! I am 80% of the way there. I can do this.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

Have a happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “Out with a Bang

  1. That's an amazing total loss!! And really? I can't believe you said “I only lost 31 pounds this year.” There's no “only” about it. You lost 31 pounds and that is AMAZING.


  2. You can do it!! I love the feeling of hitting a new all time low (as a grown up that is) because I know that even if I bounce back up a little the next day..I've proven that I can get there and I will get back down to it. Maybe that makes no sense, but it works in my head.


  3. Congratulations! A new low at this time of year is an amazing achievement and what a way to say goodbye to 2009!
    You can reach your target weight, no doubt about it!
    Happy New Year!


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