Friday Five: Classic Christmas Songs

I love Christmas music and look forward to listening to it every year.  I usually try to wait until after Thanksgiving before listening to it, but I didn’t make it this year.  We decorated our tree the weekend before Thanksgiving, and of course you can’t do that without listening to Christmas music! 


Here are my favorite traditional, classic Christmas songs.  Next week I will discuss modern Christmas songs that I love. 


1.  “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.”  This is my absolute favorite because not only are the lyrics beautiful, the melody is as well.  Steven Curtis Chapman has a lovely version of it.


2. “O Holy Night.”  There are about a billion versions of this, so I won’t pick just one, but I really enjoy Celine Dion’s and Josh Groban’s versions. 


3.  “Joy to the World.”  Faith Hill’s rendition of this song is perfect because it sounds so triumphant and grand.


4.  “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.”  MercyMe’s interpretation of this song is amazing.  And if you’ve never really read the lyrics to this one, I definitely recommend doing so. 


5.  “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”  I love it when Judy Garland sings this in “Meet Me in St. Louis.”   Joy Williams also sings it beautifully.
Now it’s your turn.  What are your favorite Christmas songs?

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Classic Christmas Songs

  1. “What Child is This?” the Cheri Keaggy version.

    I know I haven't written on your posts, ever, but I've been “blog stalking” for a few months. Your journey is uplifting and encouraging. It's nice to see someone's weight loss journey as a Christian–because it's so much more than “losing weight” and “getting healthy”- it's about obedience and choosing God as comfort instead of food. Thanks!


  2. my very favorite christmas music is the carpenters, & amy grant (her 1st christmas album w/tender Tennessee christmas on it)/ we listed to those every year when decorating the tree. love love love love christmas music!!


  3. We have the same taste. I love O Holy Night and I think my favorite version is by David Phelps. I love Amy Grant, MWs and SCC Christmas cds..Joy to the World just gets me excited..Such a happy song..I love this question


  4. 1. O Come O Come Emmanuel (the BEST SONG EVR)
    2. What Child is This? (Love the use of the Latin word 'laud' and the phrase, “haste, haste” something about it expresses the urgency in praising the Father)
    3. Joy To the World… I used to not care about this song at all, but then our church redid it. It is a-friggin-mazing. Check it out- it's on itunes- Sojourn Music on their CD Advent Songs. Sends chills down my spine.
    4. O Come All Ye Faithful (love, love , love these words: Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing)
    5. The First Noel- when it's done up all grand and beautiful- Josh Groban and Faith Hill's duet is pretty good.


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