All About Bailey

I know it’s been an eternity since I solicited questions from all of you, but I am going to start answering them in earnest! I was so excited that one of my readers asked about our dog because now I can devote a whole post to our baby! 🙂 Macy asked, “Do you have a dog? I think I remember you posting something about one a while back. I’d like to hear more stories about your dog and see more pictures of it too!”

Readers, meet Bailey Mount, a cocker spaniel/bulldog mix. Her parents were both purebreds who decided to date outside their respective breeds, hehe.

Stephen had no plans to get a dog but in 2004 was simply accompanying his friend Jonathan while he picked one out. But then he saw the little puppies, and the owner was having a 2/$50 special, so he thought, “Why not?” Stephen does love a good deal.

Here she is when she was younger:

I did not have the pleasure of meeting Bailey until 2006, when Stephen and I met for our first date. He came out of his apartment to meet me, Bailey in tow, and I was terrified. Bailey is not much of a people person, and she can sound quite ferocious when she wants to, so initially I was worried that my relationship with Stephen would end before it had even started because of this crazy dog, but I quickly charmed her.

Bailey is adorable and also rather quirky. Let me count the ways:

1. She likes to sleep covered up, so she has her very own blanket that we cover her with while she snoozes on the couch.

2. She loves playing with balloons. I don’t know how she doesn’t pop them (and occasionally she does), but she will grip one in her teeth and shake it around furiously, then parade around the room with it.

3. She hates it when I cough. This is so odd, but whenever I cough, her head jerks to attention and she stares at me. Often she will come over to me and just look at me, like she’s wondering if I’m dying or something. I like to tease Stephen that she loves me more because she couldn’t care less when he coughs.

4. She loves to snuggle. We both have recliners, and if I put mine up, she almost always wants to hop right up and nestle between my legs. If she is in my chair, she likes to face me, but often when she is with Stephen, she faces away from him. Again, she loves me more. 🙂

5. She grabs a toy to greet us whenever we come home, but doesn’t really want to be petted. She just runs around with her toy in her mouth.

6. She likes to run underneath our legs.

7. She keeps all her toys around her bowls. She will even place her toys in her food bowl, then lift it up and put it back a few times before eating something.

8. She jumps in the bathtub when it’s bath time.

9. She cocks her head a lot. She’s a very responsive dog.

10. She learned the words to the song, “Bailey is my buddy” (which I made up and which contains the word “treat,” thereby convincing her that every time we sing it, she needs to get a treat).

11. She wags when she plays dead.

12. Her tail whacks both of her sides when she wags vigorously.

13. She likes to sit on Sadie (Stephen’s aunt’s dog) and dominate her.

14. She can remove the plastic ring from around the top of a plastic soda bottle.

15. She is scared of the vacuum.

How could you not love this dog??

11 thoughts on “All About Bailey

  1. Bailey sounds like an awesome dog! Our dog, Arthur, is scared of the vacuum too, hehe. He always barks crazily at it and tries to attack it. It's very frustrating when you're trying to clean…haha. But oh well. Great pictures & post!


  2. Oh thank you for posting this!! I was grinning the whole time as I read all those fun facts. Bailey sounds amazing. What a gorgeous girl she is!!

    Joe and are getting more and more serious about getting a cat—(I'm hoping by Christmastime!!) We'll see!


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