Friday Five: The Careers Edition

I’m bringing back the Friday Five! Feel free to post your own list, too!

What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up

1. A writer. I started writing poems and stories in the fourth grade (Thank you, Mrs. Fisher!), and I thought it would be amazing to make a living being a writer. I knew I’d be a famous novelist someday.

2. Marine biologist or dolphin trainer. My love of dolphins also began in fourth grade, and I could think of nothing more wonderful than getting to study them and be with them in the water. Sadly, I hate science and have no desire to live in a wetsuit. 🙂

3. Teacher. My brother and I used to play “school” when we were little, which basically consisted of me being bossy and telling him what to do. That pretty much sums up our early relationship. I was quite obnoxious, I’m sure.

4. Fashion designer. I laugh at this a LOT now because I have no sense of style whatsoever, but I used to spend many an afternoon drawing sketches of clothes and dreaming of having my own clothing line.

5. A singer. Oh, how I wanted to be a singer! I would sing with my hairbrush for hours and hours. Mariah Carey had nothing on me. Ha.

What did you want to grow up to be?

11 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Careers Edition

  1. I wanted to be a singer as well…and at one time I wanted to be an ultrasound tec and then realized that it was more than looking at babies..:) I also wanted to be a prison counselor…wow…a wide range here:)


  2. 1. Astronaut (First Woman on the Moon)
    2. Archeologist (Indiana Jones to be precise)
    3. Oceanographer (I wanted to discover Atlantis and sunked treasure)
    4. Doctor (So not smart enough)
    5. When I was 4, I told my mom I wanted to be Six Feet Tall, Flat Chested, A Waitress and Live in a Silver Trailer. My mom told me if that's what would make me happy, (and then prayed for years I would find another career path. God heard her, lol)


  3. Things I wanted to be when I grew up:

    .:: Competitive horseback rider (thank you Saddle Club books)
    .:: Writer

    That's mostly it, I think. My main interests as a child were horses and writing. I actually created my own Saddle Club knock-off series when I was in sixth grade or so. Hehe.


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