Running Just As Fast As I Can

I’ve exercised 3 times this week so far, so I’ve already beaten last week’s poor performance! I have been waking up before my alarm goes off and then just hopping up right when it beeps. I think it helps that I have been getting to bed around 10 instead of 10:30 or 10:45, although last night was closer to 10:20. Still, every minute counts!

On Monday and today I did sprints outside, and I can really feel it in my thighs, which I wasn’t anticipating. I have read that sprinting calls upon different muscles than jogging, and I think that must be true. It’s exhilarating to run so fast in the cool morning air, and I love that it’s light outside at 6 a.m., thanks to the “fall back” of this past weekend. Too bad that means it’s dark when I am driving home from work, which I don’t love! Anyway, here’s the workout I devised for myself:

10 minute brisk walk (this is a little over one lap around my apartment complex)
Jog one lap (about 6 minutes for me)

Sprint for 20 seconds
Recovery walk (I didn’t time these–just walked until I felt my heart rate slow down)
Repeat 7 times

Jog one lap
5 minute cool down walk

This ended up being about 48 minutes, and I felt tired but good after it was over. It wasn’t a ton of sprinting, but I am trying to build my endurance for it. On Friday I am going to try and do 10 sprints instead of 8 and keep adding on.

Tomorrow is the big day: I am meeting with a personal trainer after work. She is going to give me a plan I can do on my own and go through part of it with me tomorrow. I am nervous and excited and will definitely report back to tell you if I survived the session. πŸ™‚

Is anyone watching The Biggest Loser? This is the weepiest season ever! It seems like half the show is contestants crying, although last night wasn’t as bad. What is up with that?? I don’t even have a favorite like I did last season (Go Tara!), but I do like Allen, Rebecca, and Rudy. Who’s your favorite?

9 thoughts on “Running Just As Fast As I Can

  1. The sun doesn't officially rise until around 7 am in Seattle…booo! It starts getting kinda light at 6:30. I like your sprint idea, I always play it safe and jog, but maybe I need to change it up:) I totally agree about the Biggest Loser, it is so emotional this year…kind of annoying, I'd rather see the workouts! I'll bet they are just trying to get people to realize that they have to deal with their emotions before they can make a life change.


  2. Go you!! that's awesome!

    i've been thinking of moving my after-work walks to before-work walks, since it gets dark so early now. maybe i'll even try some sprinting to mix things up =)


  3. props to you! i can scarcely get out of the bed in the morning and im pretty sure you'd slap me if you knew how late i got to sleep for my job. im pretty pathetic in that respect.
    you make me want to do better.
    once again, you prove yourself a inspiration. πŸ™‚


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