Snooze Button, How I Love Thee

I am struggling with waking up for my morning workouts. The first two weeks I did pretty well, but ever since then it has been hard to drag myself out of bed when 5:45 or 6:00 a.m. rolls around. As a result, I haven’t made it to the gym very many times but instead have ended up working out at home, which is fine, but it is harder for me to do intervals without a treadmill to help me gauge my speed. This week I even tried scaling down the days I wake up early, planning to get up early only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So far, though, I still haven’t gotten out of bed until 6:05 or 6:10 (and today I may not have at all if Stephen had not sent in Bailey to come and wake me up with a bunch of doggie kisses). 🙂 I definitely don’t want to workout at night because I am tired by then and that is the only time I have with Stephen, so the alternatives are 1) become a lazy bum or 2) get my act together and wake up when the alarm goes off. Obviously I’m not choosing option 1. 🙂 For you early morning risers, how do you make sure you get up when the alarm goes off? I read something recently about how sleeping in your workout clothes helps motivate you to get up in the morning, but I’m a little skeptical. Has anyone tried this? Does it work?

9 thoughts on “Snooze Button, How I Love Thee

  1. I get up every day for school at 5:45 and I think just the habit of it is what has worked. If you can get yourself to do it for a month and go to sleep earlier (I hit the sack by 9/9:30), then it should get easier! Good luck.


  2. I thought about sleeping in my workout clothes, and now that you have mentioned it, I think I will try it. I have been struggling with evening workouts as well. I am tired by the end of the day and I think my workouts suffer. I even turned to red bull which is NOT good and didn't help. I don't have any suggestions, but the sleeping in the clothes is a great idea.


  3. I have to admit it isn't easy but my only other option is to work out at night and I'm too tired to do it then and it is also the only time I get to spend with Ron and Katie. Before my summer vacation, I got up every week day at 4:00a to workout. Once I got into the habit (which they say takes 21 days), it became easy. I just did it. Since my Summer, I've not been such a good morning exerciser except for the last 2 weeks. I'm back at it again, and I've been making the decision to get up (preplanning my day) just before I go to sleep and I'm findng that when the alarm goes off, I just get up, get into the bathroom… then I open my eyes….
    Next week will be easier because the clocks change… 🙂


  4. I don't have one, but maybe you should look into getting one of those sunrise alarm clocks…since light wakes up your body more easily than sound (and there is no option of hitting the snooze button), it might help. You can set the alarm to 'begin' at 5:30, and the lightbulb will gradually lighten to full strength by 5:45 or 6:00 or whatever you choose…I really really really want one…especially since we are in the western part of the eastern time zone…too dark in the morning!


  5. I wish I had an answer for you but I to LOVE the snooze button. I used to hit snooze for almost an hour but now that I live with my fiance' the alarm clock is on his side and he will only hit snooze for me once maybe twice if I was up late.. so that has definitely helped with getting me up. I'm hoping to start working out in the AM gain next week so I'll let you know what works if I'm able to get up. 🙂


  6. I used to do this all the time! But I finally got my head around the fact that if I really wanted to workout in the morning, I really had to get up and get going. One thing I did was put the alarm clock across the room so I had to get OUT of bed. That helped until I really established the habit.

    Now John? – he's a snooze-aholic!


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