Haircuts and Ribs and Clothes, Oh My!

This weekend I visited a true Memphis gem: Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous. The restaurant has been featured on The Food Network and I’m sure in countless other places, and even though I lived in Memphis for most of my life, I had never been. When my parents offered to take me out for a birthday dinner (my birthday is on Thursday), after much thinking, I decided on Rendezvous. We went early (around 4 p.m.) so we wouldn’t have to wait forever, and we stopped out front for a photo op:

Rendezvous is most known for its ribs, so I decided to order a small order of those, while Stephen got BBQ nachos, my dad got beef brisket, and my mom got the pulled pork shoulder sandwich. The food did not disappoint. Rendezvous serves their ribs dry, but I added some BBQ sauce to mine, and they were delicious. I ate every bit, but only sampled the beans and slaw that came with them.

After dinner, we headed back to my parents’ house for cake, specially ordered from Brown Baguette. My dad called me earlier in the week to pick a cake, and after much deliberation, I settled on the Raspberry Ganache (“A rich chocolate cake filled with seedless raspberry marmalade and chocolate buttercream then covered with creamy chocolate ganache.”). It looked divine. See for yourself:

It also tasted delicious. Mmmm good! You’ll be happy to know, however, that I left the rest of the cake with my parents. Of course, Stephen is going to have a birthday cake for me on Thursday, so I won’t be without for too long. πŸ™‚

I also got a haircut Saturday morning before we went to Memphis, and while I didn’t love it on Saturday after I fixed it (I worked out after I got it cut so couldn’t take advantage of professional styling), but I felt better about it on Sunday, so here’s a pic:

It’s super easy to fix, which is just what I need, and I didn’t lose much of the length, which also makes me happy.

Finally, to end a great weekend, my mom took me shopping so I could get some new clothes. I pretty much had no winter clothes because everything was too big, so I was definitely in need of a wardrobe haul. We found lots of great stuff, and I am so thankful to my parents for outfitting me for the fall. I also have money from my brother and a gift card from my in-laws, so I should be more than covered as far as clothes go. It’s so fun going shopping now because there are so many options and such cute clothes!

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. We had a great time in Memphis, and I can’t wait for my actual birthday. Stephen has some surprise gifts up his sleeve. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Haircuts and Ribs and Clothes, Oh My!

  1. I loved reading this post! And I agree with the above commenter…you have amazing parents! Dinner out, bakery cake of your choice, and shopping? I'm jealous. πŸ™‚ It sounds like the perfect birthday! I hope your celebration only continues to be amazing! Birthdays are a big deal in my mind…Tyson is trying to wrap his mind around it, because he's not a big birthday person. I told him to think of the Gilmore Girls episode where Rory orders Loerlai the Biggest Pizza in the World (sort of) and that's basically in my mind what every birthday ought to be. Now, I've never had a birthday as amazing as that, but I'd say the Rendezvous dinner, raspberry chocolate-ganache cake, and fall clothes shopping trip sounds like it just might be! =) Happy early birthday!


  2. i LOVE your new haircut! its so cute and spunky!

    i've never been to Rendezvous either, and i'm a native Memphian! maybe i need to request it for my next birthday =)


  3. Happy Early Birthday Erin! I am also a huge fan of the birthdays and I'm so glad your family has made your super special! You look so great! Don't you just love getting new, fun things (especially in a smaller size, ha!)


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