How People Find My Blog

The following are some of the search terms people entered that led them to my blog, according to Site Meter:

1. “Yoga makes me laugh.” Well, that’s better than it making you ill.

2. “Words used to describe a happy plate.” Um, how about “happy”? My thoughts on the happy plate are here.

3. “Afraid I’ll be a bad mom.” I’m not really sure how this led to my blog, and even when I did a search with the same phrase, I got nothing related to my blog. I am sometimes afraid I will be a bad mom, however, and apparently I’m not alone. 🙂

4. “Actually yes, I don’t have any friends. Will you be my friend?”

5. “Will you be my friend? Check yes or no?” 4 and 5 were no doubt led to this post.

6. “Caught between the moon and New York city.” This phrase has landed more people at my blog than perhaps any other, and that’s because of this post.

7. “A pap doctor me.” Ummmm…

8. “Need to break up night before trip.” Oh, don’t do that. That’s sad.

9. “My preschool blogspot.” I’m sure they were disappointed that my blog has nothing to do with preschool, although I have written about Stephen’s and my experiences in extended session.

10. “Weight loss quotes Gilmore Girls.” I have written on both of those topics, but I’m not sure they really belong together…

Do you know of any funny ways people have found your blogs?

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