September Goals Checkup

Last week’s weight: 187.4
This week’s weight: 187.0
Total loss for the month: 2.8 pounds

The results are a bit underwhelming, to be sure, but I’ll take a loss over a gain any day. Still, I’m only .2 pounds off track of my goal to lose 4 pounds this month, so hopefully I can lose that last 1.2 pounds by the end of the month!

The week overall went well, in my opinion. I exercised 6 days out of the week, burned 3600+ calories, ran 140 minutes, and even did one session of Pilates (30 minutes of the 10 Minute Solutions: Slim and Sculpt Pilates DVD). I am definitely going to add more Pilates back into my workouts, as I was sore for three days after that workout, and I know it’s good for me. I ate after 8 p.m. one night, but I did not have any beverages besides water, I kept up with my Bible reading, and I tracked all of my food. I wish there could have been a little more weight loss shown on the scale, but I was successful in so many other areas that I will not be discouraged!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post in which I discuss my ongoing, conflicted feelings about running.

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