Water Does a Body Good

One of my goals for September was to drink only water for the entire month. I initially thought this would not be that difficult because I happen to really enjoy drinking water, especially from water bottles, and I don’t drink a ton of other beverages anyway. However, I must confess to you that I already messed up with this goal, although it was purely accidental. Or unconscious. Or just stupid. You decide…

On Labor Day the hubs and I made a trip to Target just to look around and see if we could find a new dog toy for our dog Bailey, and then when we were leaving we decided to get an Icee. I haven’t had an Icee in a long time, and it sounded so good. I got a Coke-flavored Icee, and I was halfway through with it when I turned to Stephen and said, “Oh my goodness, this isn’t water!” He looked at me blankly, no doubt wondering why I was stating the obvious, until I reminded him of my goal not to drink anything but water. Then we talked about whether or not a frozen drink really counted, and even though I would love to think it doesn’t, the fact that it had Coke in it worked against me.

So, I had a Coke in frozen form, readers. BUT that is the only drink I have had besides water, so I think I am still doing pretty well. I am averaging about 100 ounces a day of water, and after a workout there is nothing so refreshing as cold water. Drinking water has many benefits (see this SparkPeople article for details), and I love seeing how much water I can consume in one day. I still want a Coke Zero or Diet Pepsi every now and then, but I haven’t had any withdrawal headaches, so at least I know I wasn’t drinking it so often that I was addicted. I know the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks are not good for the body, so I am hoping that after this month I can really limit my intake of them, as I’ve also read that often diet drinks have been found to cause people to eat more, especially foods with sugar in them. As we all know, I have enough problems with eating too much, so I don’t need diet soda adding to my troubles!

Do you have trouble drinking enough water? Here’s another SparkPeople article with tips on getting enough water.

7 thoughts on “Water Does a Body Good

  1. I certainly have no issues drinking water. In fact, I have to slow it down a bit at night because I have to get up at least twice through the night. Disturbs my sleep…. or maybe it's cause I'm getting older… hmmmm…. either way .. it sucks πŸ™‚


  2. You know it's crazy bc I love it, and it's all-accessible, I just don't seen to ever think about it…. I am however, an avid self proclaimed diet soda addict (could be worse though, right? I mean it cold be regular soda..) and can't ever see myself only drinking water. Mostly water maaaaaaybe…. but nothing but? Hummmm… πŸ™‚


  3. Congrats on doing so well!

    I also love water. I love it even more since I first forced myself to drink more. Although I still sometimes buy soda, we rarely have anything in the house besides water! (So much so, that my sister knows. So when she was coming over, I had specifically picked up some juice for her. But she brought some also so she could have something other than water!)


  4. I love water!!! But I'll also drink other things like milk and V8. I try to stay away from the soda, though…but I should also be better about drinking more green tea (good for the gall bladder). Any time someone talks about drinking water, it reminds me of something a lady from my church told me when I was a sophomore in high school. She said, “When you're not used to drinking water, it can be hard at first. You crave the sugar and caffiene of the soda or coffee drink. But then, your body adjusts- and you begin to crave the purity of the water. It's the same with the Holy Spirit. It may be hard because our bodies are used to sin- we crave it- but as we drink more and more of the Holy Spirit, we begin to crave the purity and not the sin.” I will never forget that…


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